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Kind LED K5 XL750 WiFi - Discontinued

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This item has been DISCONTINUED. We recommend the the Kind LED X750 Grow Light instead.

The new Kind XL750 WiFi is so much more convenient and easy to use!

The primary changes from the previous version are: a newly integrated on-board computer with a wireless command center, an easy-to-read LCD interface, and amplified UV diodes.

The Kind K5 XL750 only needs 430 watts of power to run, but gives you the same results as 750 watts of HID light. And you save even more money when you factor in the cost of cooling an HID-equipped grow room.

While HPS and MH bulbs have fixed spectra, Kind LED fixtures can be completely customized to give your plants the perfect spectrum for any growth stage (and for any type of plant). Your yields will increase in quality and quantity even compared to other LED lights.

Kind K5 XL750 WiFi Quick Summary

  • Proprietary 12-band spectrum: all the bands of light plants need to grow fast and strong
  • Customizable spectrum: eliminate any light not currently needed, so no energy goes to waste
  • "Mother Earth" function: perfectly mimics an ideal day outdoors under natural sunlight, i.e. the ideal condition for plant growth
  • WiFi control: no risk of damage to plants from leaning over them to change a setting; control everything from your computer or smart device
  • Extra-large footprint: 33-100% more output around the outer edge of the coverage area, giving you a usable 3 by 3 foot area during flowering
  • Pulse Width Modulation dimming: only use the power needed to drive the diodes and not a single watt more
  • Newly enhanced UV diodes: increase terpene and flavor profiles, amplifying quality and potency

You can check out the owner's manual for the new Kind K5 WiFi series here.

Kind K5 XL750 Detailed Description

12 Bands of Light Give Any Plant The Exact Light It Needs

The Kind LED K5 XL750 uses a 12-band spectrum consisting of full-spectrum white light, various blues and reds (the light plants crave the most), plus UV-A and IR.

In comparison, other LED manufacturers only use 2-6 bands of light and only a few include UV and IR bands. The limited number of bands means your plants only get a few of the primary colors they need to grow strong and lush; the incomplete light leaves them leggy and results in wispy flowers.

The Entire Kind Spectrum Is Under Your Control

So the K5 XL750 gives you 12 bands of light that cover all your plants' needs; except different plants have different needs and those needs differ even more depending on the grow cycle and the growing environment.

This is where Kind lights really shine!

You get complete control over the entire photosynthetic spectrum. Each primary range of light can be individually adjusted. This allows you to provide any plant, during any stage of growth, with the perfect spectrum, designed to perfectly match its needs.

You can even adjust for any type of growing environment, be it a grow tent, a greenhouse or an agricultural operation using crop rotation or zoning. Whatever the plant, the cycle, or the environment, any light your plants don't need can be dialed down, saving you money.

Footprint Comparable To HPS Light

In the past, LED grow lights have always failed to live up to the promise of larger yields over equivalent HPS lights and the main reason for this is a smaller footprint. Using high-quality diodes and secondary optical lenses, Kind LED has finally delivered an LED footprint almost equal to an equivalent HPS bulb.

Kind's revolutionary secondary optical lens magnifies the output of every single diode, which leads to a large increase in PAR giving you a canopy penetration up to 200% deeper. You also benefit from 33 to 100% more output on the periphery.

The light from the XL750 reaches down into the second and third levels under the canopy and is able to create additional viable flowering sites much further down the plants. With this added production much farther down the plants, it is only natural you'd get a large increase in overall yield.

"Mother Earth" Timing Function Mimics A Natural Day

Just as in nature, your plants are greeted every morning with 'sunrise light' created by slow-dimming diodes and the end of the day sees them off to sleep with 'sunset light'. In between they get a steady dose of high-intensity light, perfectly mimicking the daytime sun.

Each of the three primary ranges of the photosynthetic spectrum has 8 separate timing stages to give you complete control over the 'sun' that feeds your plants.

The Perfect Mix of 3 Watt and 5 Watt Diodes

The Kind LED XL750 uses a mix of 5 watt and 3 watt LEDs. Because 5 watt chips are intense, they emit more heat. Too many of them and your fixture runs hot. Their intense light reaches much deeper into the canopy, though, so including some is beneficial.

With this fixture you get the perfect compromise: just enough 5 watt diodes to take advantage of the deeply penetrating and yield-boosting power, but not so many that you need to worry about keeping your grow room cool. Efficient 3 watt diodes fill out the rest of the mix to provide the ideal amount of usable light for lush, healthy plants that grow fast and large.

Cheaper and Simpler Grow

2 centimeter, heavy-duty aluminum heat sinks and four internal cooling fans keep the k5 XL750 cool. The extra-large heat sinks more efficiently dissipate heat and the fans handle anything that gets past the heat-sinks.

The efficient Kind LED cooling system means there's no need for any additional cooling equipment. You get a simpler grow room that is effortless to maintain and you save money to boot. Cooling equipment costs money and running it consumes power. Your new Kind LED light saves you money every minute it's on.

Kind LED Bulbs Last 50,000+ Hours

The average HPS bulb is rated for 7000 to 10,000 hours, while Kind diodes last for over 50,000. You can run your lights 5 times as long before having to worry about replacement bulbs.

WiFi Lets You Control Everything From Anywhere In The Room

Have you ever used an LED grow light where you needed to climb up on a chair and balance precariously above your delicate plants in order to flip a switch or turn a knob on the unit in the middle of a grow?

I have.

It's not fun and it's unnecessarily risky. The last thing you want is to accidentally knock over you plants in the middle of a grow. Or worse.

When you're lighting your plants with your new XL750, you control absolutely everything from your smartphone or other device. You don't have to get anywhere near the hanging fixture, let alone stretch over your plants to touch it.

The wifi feature gives you complete control over all the different light cycles and the spectrum combinations. You can even control multiple lights at once.

PWM Dimming Saves You Even More

Many lights use highly inefficient dimmers that consume the same amount of power, no matter the brightness setting. Dimming the lights should save on power, but they continue to eat the same amount, even though they don't actually make use of it all. The excess is simply money down the drain.

PMW (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming decreases power consumption when you decrease output. If you dim the lights the unit consumes less power.

Let's Compare the XL750 to an HID Grow Light

The XL750 produces the same output as a 750 watt HID system. But it only uses only 40 to 50% of the electricity. You enjoy a much higher yield per watt.

It doesn't have to be air-cooled thanks to a much lower output of heat. You save up to $500 on cooling equipment, plus the cost of electricity to run that equipment.

Finally, a lifespan of 50,000 hours means you don't have to replace your LED bulbs nearly as often as HPS and MH bulbs, which burn out after 7,000 to 10,000 hours. HID bulbs also contain mercury which is harmful to the environment, so disposing of them properly can be a bit of a chore.

Here are all the hassles you will no longer have to deal with after you switch to your new Kind grow light:

  • costly MH bulbs for vegging
  • ultra-hot HPS bulbs for flowering
  • costly and electricity-swallowing ballasts
  • reflectors
  • noisy fans
  • air conditioning unit(s)
  • water chillers to cool down boiling reservoir temperatures
  • ducting for ventilation system
  • extra timers

    Why deal with all of those (or pay for them) if you don't have to?

    Simplify your grow.

    Get your KIND K5 XL750 today and save yourself the future costs and hassles.

    Simply jump back to the top and click on 'Add to Cart'.

    Actual Wattage 430 watts
    HID Equivalent 750 watts
    LED Quantity 208 3 watt and 5 watt LED diodes (700 mA)
    Input Voltage 100 - 240 V AC power
    Amperage 3.58A at 110V
    Spectrum full spectrum with 12 bands including including UV-A and IR; for vegetative growth and flowering
    Coverage Area 4 feet by 4 feet
    Working Temperature avoid extreme heat
    Thermal Management 4 x quiet internal cooling fans; extra-large heat sinks
    Dimensions 23 x 17 x 3.5 inches
    Product Weight 28 lbs.
    Life Span 50,000 hours
    Package Includes fixture, power cable, hangers; discreet shipping
    Recommended For medium-sized to large grow operations; indoors use only
    Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years