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Summer SALE | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW

Indoor Horticulture Energy Efficiency Rebate & Incentive Programs

Are you an indoor cultivator looking to take advantage of energy efficiency rebates and incentives? Grow Light Central can help! Our team of rebate providers have a wealth of experience working with various utilities, from local municipalities to regional power companies, to ensure that your grow operation gets the maximum incentive dollars it is eligible for.
For example, our team can provide a full assessment of potential energy efficiency incentive opportunities across your facility. We will review your project eligibility and estimate total rebate potential so that you don’t inadvertently leave any money unclaimed. Additionally, we will work directly with you to get the best possible incentive available given your project’s scope and requirements.
Our experienced team will also gather all project data from your vendors related to the application process and put together a winning application that maximizes utility funds and meets all necessary criteria — saving you time and effort with the assurance that nothing is missed. This comprehensive package is then submitted to the applicable utility for prompt review in order to ensure swift payout of the approved funds. Plus, our fee is based on performance — we only take a fee after your customer has already received their incentive payment!
But it doesn’t stop there — we’re also on the lookout for additional state or federal incentives that may be available as well. By taking advantage of these extra opportunities, you can further increase funds while minimizing effort by leveraging our expertise in multiple fields of incentives.
How Our Energy Efficiency Rebate & Incentive Program Works:
  1. Review your project eligibility and estimate total rebate potential.

  2. If your project is eligible, we work directly for you to get your best incentive.

  3. We gather all project data from your vendors to develop winning application.

  4. We assemble your application materials and submit to utility.

  5. We work with the utility to ensure prompt review, max incentive, and swift payout to you!

  6. We take a fee ONLY after you get paid.

At Grow Light Central, we strive to make sure every one of our clients receives maximum incentive dollars with minimal effort from their teams — let us show you how we can do this for your indoor horticulture business today!
Please fill out the below form and a member from our team will contact you about our energy rebate & incentive services.