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Price Matching Policy

Buy from us today, safe in the knowledge you're getting the best price you could possibly get for the next month.

We are constantly monitoring our competitors' prices to ensure we're giving you the best price you can get online. But given the number of grow light vendors out there, it's possible we've missed something.

To make certain we can claim, without a doubt, that we've got the lowest prices, we have purchased buyer's insurance. Among other benefits, it offers a price match guarantee that will refund you up to $500, if you find a lower price elsewhere (or the price drops on this site). You can get more info about this buyer's insurance here.


How it Works

Step 1: Check your email

After your purchase, you will receive an email from Trust Guard with instructions for activating your free insurance.

Step 2: Click the link

You have 48 hours after purchase to activate your insurance by clicking the link in the email. It will take you to a website and ask for some basic info. Most of it will already be filled out, but make sure to double-check. Submit the info and you're insured!

Step 3: Make a claim

Let's hope you never need this step, but if you do, it's simple. Just follow the instructions in the email from Trust Guard.


Price Match Limitations

Trust Guard is not able to match prices in the following situations:

  • A competitor's free, special, or bundled offers, rebates, clearance or closeout prices.
  • A competitor's prices on open box, display merchandise or used merchandise
  • Sales tax promotions
  • Prices for services (e.g. optical, salon, portrait, delivery, shipping and handling, assembly, warranties, etc.)
  • Coupon-required or gift card offers
  • Competitor's private label price promotions
  • Prices that require a club or loyalty card
  • Military PX retail store prices
  • Prices or discounts associated with credit cards
  • Auction sites Amazon & Ebay etc.


How To Request A Price Match

To take advantage of our price match policy, please contact us at sales@growlightcentral and send us the following details:

  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Name of the product you purchased or would like to purchase
  • Competitor's price (including shipping, processing, handling, taxes, and any other applicable fees)
  • Web site address (URL) of the competitor's product offering

Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The competitor must be an authorized U.S. dealer and their product must be the identical model. The product must be brand new (not refurbished), must have the same U.S. manufacturer's warranty, the same model model number and contain the same components.

The competitor's product must currently be in stock. We reserve the right to verify the availability of the other company's product, and their price, before issuing a price match.

We do not offer price matches for products found on auction websites or members-only websites (i.e. websites requiring a recurring membership fee). In addition, we can unfortunately no longer offer price matches on sites like E-bay and Amazon, due to the proliferation of unauthorized sellers and outright scam artists on those platforms.

Our guarantee does not apply to clearance or close-out items (since they are one-time offers and priced according to their condition). It also does not apply to obvious pricing errors.

The competitor price we take into account will be the TOTAL cost to purchase and deliver the item; this includes the cost of shipping, handling and processing, as well as taxes and any other applicable fees.

Our low price guarantee is only valid for products offered online on an e-commerce website. We are unable to match the price of private party sales or of products sold through traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

Of course, we must reserve the right to refuse any order on which we would incur a loss. Finally, refunds will always be restricted to the gross profit we recognize on the sale (i.e. the purchase price minus the price we pay for the product).

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