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Based on 465 reviews
This light slaps

The light is just as good of quality as the e720... the knob turns easier than the e720..... loving the light already

Successful Project Completed waiting for harvest

I'm very happy with the purchase of the Nextlight Mega Pro Led Grow Light! The installation was very easy and instant results. My plants are standing tall and vibrant.

Thank you

Got my refund.

The customer service here is amazing

Had a mess up with my order, they reached out and made it right immediately. Thank you growlightcentral! BTW these bags are very well made. Thank you Rosineer

The slow light

U should have told me the light was on backorder lucky I had enough time to wait

Nextlight mega warranty issues

I purchased a nextlight mega April 23 of 2021. One side went dark yesterday, I cannot find help with the warranty.

Great light

Would buy again in a hot second

Optic PhatSlim 1 XL Bloom Dimmable LED Grow Light UV/IR

Great light

Great light and even better customer service..!!

Yield Beyond Expectations

The boost in my yields has been beyond expectations since using this lighting system. Its unique reflector design ensures every inch of my canopy is well-lit.

Quality Growth with Less Energy

I've been using this lamp for a few months now, and the growth I've seen while using less energy is impressive. The integrated reflectors really seem to make a difference in light delivery. It's a quality product that lives up to its promises.

Small Space, Thriving Plants

This light is a lifesaver for my small tent! Despite the lower wattage, my plants are thriving under the full spectrum with deep red. Very happy

Efficient Power for All Stages

The efficiency of this light is a plus, especially for my small grow space. It covers the area well and can be adjusted for both veg and bloom stages. Seems like a good value for the features.

Quality Light for Veg and Bloom at a Fair Price

This light is a great option for growers who want a single light for veg and bloom. The price is reasonable, the quality seems good, and the performance is impressive for the wattage.

Efficient Power for Small Grows

I love that the HLG 100 uses so little energy! It's perfect for my small grow tent and keeps my electricity bill in check. The light itself is bright and seems well-made.

Full Spectrum for Strong Starts

Upgraded to the HLG Propagator from a different light, and I'm impressed with the spectrum. The full spectrum light seems to be giving my seedlings a healthy boost in their early stages.

Simple Setup, Impressive Performance

Setup was a breeze with this UVA LED bar. Noticed a significant improvement in plant health and vigor since incorporating it into my indoor garden. Highly recommend!

Leap Forward in LED Grow Lighting

Switching to these LED lights was a leap forward for my indoor garden. The low energy consumption combined with high output makes them ideal for my vegging and cloning stages.

Height Maximization for Rack Systems

The design of this light is a perfect match for my vertical rack system, allowing me to utilize every inch of height for plant growth. It's been a key component in optimizing my vegging process.

Unmatched Efficiency in Grow Lighting

This light's efficiency is unmatched. The ability to dial down the wattage without sacrificing quality or coverage has been a major plus for me, saving money while keeping my plants happy and healthy.

Dimmable and Dynamic for Every Stage

From seedlings to flowering, I can adjust the intensity of this light to match the needs of my plants at every growth stage. It's dynamic, efficient, and truly enhances the growing experience.

Lush Growth, Impressive Efficiency

I was skeptical about the investment at first, but it paid off. The growth and health of my plants have improved significantly. What impressed me most was the efficiency and the fact that it promotes lateral root growth. Definitely a top recommendation from me.

Elevating Canopy Performance

The difference in canopy performance since switching to this lamp is night and day. The lower levels of my canopy are thriving thanks to the improved photon delivery, leading to an overall increase in yield quality.

Spectacular for Vertical and Horizontal Grows

This lamp works wonders whether you're growing vertically or horizontally. The redesigned reflector ensures that my taller plants get enough light without compromising the lower ones. Truly spectacular.