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Amare SolarBar SB800

by Amare
Original price $1,695.00 - Original price $1,695.00
Original price $1,695.00
$1,695.00 - $1,695.00
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The Amare SolarBar 800 is a powerful and innovative hybrid bar light. It can be used similar to a panel light with all the bars next to each other, or you can detach the bars and use them separately in pairs.

Each Meanwell driver powers two of the 110 watt bars. All bars are connected by cords to the remote power supply, allowing unprecedented flexibility. In terms of output, this light delivers the highest available CRI, DLI, PPF/W, PPFD/W, McCree and medical curve efficiency.

Amare SolarBar 800 Features

  • 1000+ Watt HID Equivalent: but consumes only 880 actual watts (each bar uses 110w)
  • Dimmable: reduce power usage to save money, when you don't need the full output
  • Large Coverage: 4 x 4 feet at 6" to 9" and 5 x 5 at 18" (Veg: 5 x 8 at 20" with bars detached and used in 4x bars of 2 configuration)
  • Huge Output: PPF: 1782 umol; PPFD (4x4): 1288 umol
    • Enhanced White Spectrum: the combination of white and colored supplemental diodes gives the perfect light for all growth stages with a CRI of 95
    • Detachable Bars: use in configurations of 8 bars, 6 bars, 4 bars or 2 bars
    • Can Hang Close To Canopy: 6" to 18" with no glass cover and lenses; 24" to 48" with optional lenses
    • Extreme Flexibility: can accommodate multi/single-tier and high-bay applications
    • High Quality LEDs: Samsung LM301B/Oslon Square series
    • High Quality Drivers: dimmable Meanwell, with one driver powering 2 bars each
    • Thermal Management: passive cooling: 122° F at 800 watts
    • IP65 Waterproof Rating: can be used in greenhouses
    • No-Risk Purchase: 5 year warranty

    The Amare SolaBar SB800 comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty. You can buy one risk-free, knowing you will be covered for years to come.

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    Actual Wattage 880 watts (dimmable)
    HID Equivalent 1000+ watts
    LEDs Samsung LM301B/Oslon Square series
    Input Voltage 85v to 265v AC
    Spectrum 95 CRI enhanced full spectrum white
    Output PPF: 1782 umol
    PPFD (4x4): 1288 umol
    Coverage Area Flowering: 4 x 4 feet at 6" to 9" and 5 x 5 at 18"
    Vegging: 5 x 8 at 20" (detached bars in 4 sets of 2)
    Operating Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
    Input Current 7.18A @ 110V; 3.59A @ 220V
    Thermal Management passive cooling: fan; 122° F at 800 watts
    Dimensions 47.08 x 46.93 x 3.3 inches
    Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years

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    Warranty Information
    Amare comes with a 5 year warranty.