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NugSmasher Rosin Presses Review

NugSmasher Review (In-Depth Comparison Of All NS Rosin Press Models)

NugSmasher Rosin Presses Reviewed

NugSmasher rosin presses are the top selling models on the market.

This review details why. But also where they fall short.

Obviously, if you've read our articles on the top rosin presses and the best small rosin presses, you'll know how we feel about NugSmasher. 

We recommend their machines for most people. The OG is our favorite overall and the Mini our favorite small press.

All NugSmasher presses are incredibly well built, sell for a lower price than most ,and come with a lifetime guarantee.

But we don't recommend them for everyone.

We'll get into the reviews below, with far more on what NugSmasher rosin presses do well and where they fall short. First, let's take a look at the different models and see how they compare.


NugSmasher Rosin Presses Compared


Plate Size

Power / Capacity

Pressure Control

Max Temp (Fahr)


NugSmasher Mini

NS Mini


2.5 x 2.5 in.

2 t /

3.5 g




NugSmasher X


4 x 4 in.

3 t /

14 g



NugSmasher XP


4 x 6 in.

12 t /

28 g




NugSmasher Touch

NS Touch

4 x 6 in.

12 t /

28 g




NugSmasher Pro

NS Pro

7 x 10 in.

20 t /

84 g




NugSmasher Pro Touch 

7' x 10 in.

20 t /

84 g


Air Pressure




NugSmasher IQ

4 x 6 in.

20 t /

28 g






NugSmasher Rosin Presses Reviewed

I'll start this review by covering the pros and cons of NugSmasher rosin presses in general, then follow up with brief reviews of each individual press. Those will focus on the things that differentiate one model from another.


NugSmasher Rosin Presses All Models

Let's get to the big advantage right away: value for money.

Best Value For Money

In terms of price, NugSmasher presses occupy a space in the market between the extremely expensive industrial machines and the cheap Chinese brands. In terms of quality, they are much closer to the industrial models and actually outperform some of them.

As a result, the value you get is unmatched.

Cheaper models are nowhere near as good and much more expensive models can be a bit better (see the "cons" section below), but many aren't. NugSmasher models cost far less that they should, especially considering the solid steel construction and the lifetime warranty.

High Quality And Lifetime Warranty

All NugSmasher models are entirely made in Corona, California. They are constructed to last a lifetime, featuring a frame of robust interlocked American steel and pressing plates made from aircraft grade aluminum.

Not only are they practically indestructible, they are also built with safety in mind. Every model contains a primary circuit and 3 sub circuits to ensure absolute protection. The circuits are easy to reset via an access panel on the front of the unit, so even if they are tripped, you can get right back to work.

A lifetime warranty ensures you can use your press forever and NugSmasher customer service is available any time during business hours to help you out with any questions or problems.

Ease Of Use

All NugSmasher presses are plug and play. You do not need an air compressor.

You can run the Pro with an air compressor to increase production capacity, but you can also operate it manually. Whatever the model, just plug it in, turn it on, and start extracting rosin.

Ultra-Precise And Consistent Temperatures

Heat cartridges inside the plates (multiple cartridges for the larger plates) ensure fast heating times and even heat distribution. Thermally isolated top plates minimize loss of heat from the pressing area.

All you have to do is set the desired temperature and your press will heat the plates accordingly. Once the temperature has been reached, the plates stay at that temperature throughout the press for ultimate consistency.


There is really only one disadvantage and it only applies to some people. These presses are aimed at home users or small commercial operations.

While the Pro (see more details about individual models below) can connect to an air compressor, which gives it the capacity for a good-sized operation, it still can't compete with the high-end models from companies like PurePressure. Of course it costs much less, too.

If you're looking for an industrial press to power a large scale operation, I would not recommend a NugSmasher press, not even the Pro and certainly not a press like the Mini.

But if you are pressing just for yourself or if you are starting a small commercial operation, then these units are easily the best choice. Nowhere else do you get the same value for money.


NugSmasher Mini Review

NugSmasher Mini

The NugSmasher Mini is the smallest rosin press in the lineup, with 2.5 by 2.5 inch plates, and is meant exclusively for personal use. The Mini generates 2 tons of pressure through manual operation and is capable of pressing up to 3.5 grams of material at a time.

True to its name, the NugSmasher Mini rosin press stands 14 inches tall and is 7 inches wide, making it easy to slip in a backpack and take with you to a friend's house for some extraction (and then consumption, obviously).

The Mini weighs slightly over 25 pounds, so you wouldn't want to carry it for long distances, though. It is easy to use and is our top choice for small personal use presses,

Get More Info On The NugSmasher Mini



NugSmasher X Review

NugSmasher X

This is the newest addition to the lineup. It also has 4 by 4 inch plates and provides 3 tons of power, giving you a capacity of up to 14 grams in one go.

So how does it differ from the OG?

It is fully electric. That means you simply have to push a button to start the process. No need to press manually with the handle. This makes it as easy as possible to operate and it also does not need as much power to press the same amount.

Is this upgrade worth paying $350 more?

If you want an electric press, then yes. An electric rosin press with this kind of power and capacity at this price is unheard of, much less one with a lifetime warranty. This is easily the best value electric press on the market.

Get More Info On The NugSmasher X


NugSmasher XP Review

NugSmasher XP

XP stands for expert and this model is basically an upgraded version of the OG, with added features for more advanced pressing.

I already mentioned the added pressure gauge, which makes it possible to find the perfect pressure for your material, then dial in that exact same pressure every single subsequent press.

The NugSmasher XP also has larger plates, measuring 4 by 6 inches. Each plate has a second heat cartridge to ensure faster heating times and even heat distribution throughout the larger plates.

The larger plates effectively double the capacity, allowing you to press two 14 gram packs of material at the same time. The pressure is the same as the X and the OG: 12 tons.

Get More Info On The NugSmasher XP


NugSmasher Touch Review

NugSmasher Touch

The touch is very similar to the XP in that it also has 4 by 6 inch plates and a maximum power of 12 tons, which it uses to press up to 28 grams of material in one go. But that is where the similarities end.

The touch is one of the most technologically advanced presses on the market. It features a touch screen display (hence the name) and a sophisticated computer system called Interactive Extraction Brain, which makes pressing as easy as possible, helping you every step of the way.

For example, it has a built-in surface area calculator that helps you find the right pressure every time, even on the first press with new material. And a pressure readout ensures you can achieve the exact same pressure every subsequent press.

Get More Info On The NugSmasher Touch


NugSmasher Pro Review

NugSmasher Pro

The Pro is NugSmasher's most powerful model. It is also a manual machine, but you have the option to hook it up to an air compressor for hydraulic operation.

It gives you a full 20 tons of power and has massive 7 by 10 inch plates. This allows it to process up to 112 grams of material in one go.

There are obviously higher capacity and more industrial machines on the market, but not at this price. Not even close. Like all of these solid steel rosin presses, the NugSmasher Pro gives you insane value for money.

Get More Info On The NugSmasher Pro


You've probably noticed a theme: value. Every one of the NugSmasher presses gives you the best value you can find compared to similar models from other manufacturers. You also get great solid steel construction and excellent customer service with a lifetime warranty.

What's more, each NugSmasher machine is available in both a combo and a master starter set, that also includes tons of accessories to make rosin extraction easier. Save even more when you get it all together in a prepackaged kit.

 Shop NugSmasher

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Jeffrey - February 13, 2023

Do yourself a favor and buy the next size up from the Mini unless money is extremely tight. Nugsmasher does have an excellent upgrade program where they give you a discount if you buy a newer model and trade in your old one also!

Ian - July 30, 2020

Just bought the mini..hope its enough powa!

naprio - July 30, 2020

same. anybody have a recommendation one way or another?

mcdee - February 4, 2020

Super helpful post, i’m stuck between the mini and OG

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