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Best Bud Trimmers—Top Trimming Machines of 2019

Top Marijuana Trimming Machines

Trimming bud sucks!

It's labor intensive and time consuming.

If you run a sizable operation, you need an army of trimmers to get through your harvest.

Or one single machine.

Today's large industrial bud trimmers can replace up to 75 workers, but even a small handheld manual trimming machine can speed up the process considerably.

The key is buying the right machine for your needs.

That's where we come in. This article will help you figure out which bud trimming machine is best for you.

To do that, we first need to make a few key decisions. The first one concerns the type of material you plan to trim.


Will You Trim Wet Or Dry Bud?

Wet bud is fresh marijuana that has just been harvested, while dry refers to weed that has been dried and cured already.

Both wet and dry trimming have advantages and disadvantages. If you are not sure which is best for you, read all about wet vs. dry trimming here.

Our recommendation is to get a trimmer than can handle both equally well.

That way you are able to take advantage of each, depending on what would be the best method in a given situation.

We'll get into more detail below, but for wet trimming or for anyone wanting both, we recommend Centurion presses. For dry trimming, we recommend Triminator for speed, or Centurion if kief collection is important to you (again, more below).


How Much Capacity Do You Need?

Which specific model is best for you will depend on two things: the amount of material you need to process and the amount of space you have (some of these trimmers are quite large and heavy).

If you run a large operation, you should know how many pounds per hour you need to be able to process.

If you do not need any pounds per hour, you have no need for a large trimming machine, to be honest. A manual trimmer would be sufficient.


Best Bud Trimming Machines Of 2019

We'll break this down into a few categories: best automatic handheld, best bowl type, best wet and dry, best wet, best dry and best for kief collection.

For all the wet and/or dry categories, we'll give you the top options for different capacity levels, so you can choose the one that can handle your workload.

If you do not have a large operation that needs to process tens, hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds per day, you probably don't need anything larger than one of the manual models.

When it comes to manual trimming machines, you really have two options. A bowl trimmer or a handheld automatic trimmer.

Note: If you are just looking for a pair of manual trimming shears, I recommend this pair on Amazon. They are inexpensive, but good enough to get the job done, and that's really all I need from shears.


Best Automatic Handheld Trimmer: Magic Trimmer

Magic Trimmer

The Magic Trimmer is great for complete manual trimming. If you employ human trimmers, or you simply trim smaller amounts of buds yourself, it will considerably speed up the process over using shears.

It has advantages over the large trimmers below, too. Since you control it manually, it is much more precise. You control exactly what is trimmed off and what stays. It is also compact, lightweight and inexpensive.

The main disadvantage is obvious. Since it needs to be controlled by a person, it has a limited capacity compared to an industrial trimming machine.

Using the magic trimmer is easy. The patent-pending design ensures no possibility of injury. Since you have full control, it is extremely precise, while being much faster than using regular shears.

Check out the video on the product page to see the Magic Trimmer in action.

  • Low Price: selling for $349 at the time of writing, compared to thousands for the machines listed below
  • Compact: fits in your hand
  • Lightweight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Precise Control: manual operation means you have full control over what gets removed and what stays
  • Capacity: it can't come close to the capacity of the larger machines on this list

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Best Bowl Trimmers

Bowl Trimmer

I'm obviously a bit biased here. I think our line of bowl trimmers are the best, but I know they also cost more than most others. For that reason, I will also provide this link to Amazon's collection of bowl trimmers. That way you can make up your own mind.

The ones we sell here come in a few varieties and sizes. We have manual ones with a clear top and automatic ones with a clear top. Those come in three different sizes: 16 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch.

We also have a metal top and an open top model that are both 16 inches in diameter. All are very easy to operate.

Simply fill with bud, close the lid and turn the hand crank. The 30 shears do all the work for you. If you get one of the motorized models, you don't even need to do any hand turning. Just fill with bud and turn it on.

These bowl models work best with wet bud. They do a good job, but are not as precise as the handheld unit above. They also don't give as good a trim as the larger models below. Their capacity is obviously much lower as well.

  • Low Cost: a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand
  • Small and Lightweight: take up little space and even the motorized models only weigh around 20 lbs
  • Capacity: can't compete with real machines
  • Quality of Trim: they get a good trim, but not as good as the larger machines and definitely not as good as manual trimming

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Best Wet And Dry Trimming Machines: Centurion Pro

Centurion Pro Models

Centurion makes a full line of trimmers, from their entry level Tabletop Pro to their monster 3.0. See the table below for a comparison.

All of their models come with two sets of electroplished stainless steel tumblers: one made specifically for wet trimming and one made for dry. The advantage of this over having a single universal tumbler to handle both type of material is that each tumbler is designed to maximize quality and speed.

The wet tumbler uses narrower slats so there is more open area for the buds to come into contact with the blades. This makes for both a tighter and a faster cut. You only need one pass, instead of two, cutting your processing time in half.

Less time in the machine also means less agitation, making for higher quality buds. Finally, the narrow slats leave less surface area for resin to accumulate, which speeds up clean up time.

The dry tumbler has wider slats, which means less open area and less exposure to the blades. This is important to preserve trichomes when processing the more delicate dry flowers.

Both tumblers are also available with a quantanium coating that prevents sticking and further reduces clean-up time and resin loss. These coated tumblers cost extra, but are well worth the investment.

In addition to the trimmer, Centurion also includes a hopper, a leaf collector, a set of three collection bags and much more with each purchase. You get a complete system and do not need to purchase anything else.

The 3 bags are an especially nice touch. They separate out the trim and kief, so you can collect both for further use or sale, to increase your profits even more. With most other machines, you'll need to purchase additional components to collect kief, if it is even possible at all.

  • High capacity: Centurion machines have the highest capacity for wet trimming and very close to the highest for dry
  • High Quality Trim: check out the videos on the product pages to see what these machines are capable of
  • Full system: includes wet and dry tumblers, hopper, leaf collector and collection bags
  • Kief Collection: triple bag system makes kief and trim collection a snap, with no need to purchase additional components
  • High price: Centurion machines are expensive, but they do pay for themselves
  • Large and heavy: even the smallest model takes up a good bit of space and weighs over 70 pounds total

Comparison of Centurion Pro Models

Model Wet Capacity Dry Capacity Replaces


25 - 30 lbs/hr

5 - 6 lbs/hr

6 workers


60 - 80 lbs/hr

12 - 16 lbs/hr

15 workers


90 - 110 lbs/hr

18 - 22 lbs/hr

25 workers

Silver Bullet*

90 - 110 lbs/hr

18 - 22 lbs/hr

25 workers


160 - 200 lbs/hr

32 - 40 lbs/hr

40 workers


300 - 350 lbs/hr

60 - 70 lbs/hr

75 workers

*The Silver Bullet is the same as the Original, with two additions: a marine grade infinity Bluetooth stereo and a silencer that reduces machine noise by 30%.

See All Models


Best Wet Trimmers: Centurion Pro

Centurion machines are easily the best option for wet trimming as well. Sure, you get a dry tumbler that you'll never use, if you only trim wet, but these machines do a better job than any dedicated wet processors. They have a higher capacity and do the job faster.

And having that dry tumbler could turn out to be a blessing. If you are ever unable to get through all of your material at harvest time, it gives you the option to put off trimming some of it until later, when it is dry. That kind of flexibility is nice to have.

See All Models


Best Dry Trimmers: Triminator

Triminator Models

The Triminator machines just edge out the Centurion ones for dry material, but there is one caveat. If kief collection is important to you, Centurion is the better choice. See the next section below for more on this.

Triminator do make one machine for wet material (and it is a monster!), but overall, they seem to have decided to specialize in dry trimming. They have three machines: a portable one, a regular-sized one and a large commercial machine. See the table below for a comparison.

Triminator machines are designed so that there is no metal-on-metal friction. That prevents heat generation, which reduces the stickiness of resin, resulting in less resin loss. It also means that no lubricants are needed, which keeps your buds pure and clean.

These machines use long and narrow drums, which maximizes the cutting surface, speeding up the whole process. The slow tumbling speed means the flowers are exposed to the cutting surface naturally, which minimizes trichome loss.

The drums are easy to remove, making clean up fast and simple. Triminator also sells an optional kief kit for their two smaller models. Simply swap out the regular drum for the kief drum and start collecting kief.

  • High Capacity: Triminator machines have an exceptionally high processing capacity for dry material
  • Easy to Use: simple to use and quick and easy to clean
  • High Quality Trim: check out the videos on the product pages to see what these machines are capable of
  • Kief Collection: collecting kief with the add-on drum works great, but you have to choose between kief collection and trimming (see the next section for an explanation)
  • Price: Triminator machines are expensive, but they pay for themselves very quickly in saved labor costs
  • Dry Only: can only process dry material (apart from their one wet model, which can only process wet)

Comparison of Triminator Models

Model Wet Capacity Dry Capacity Replaces

Mini Dry


2 - 5 lbs/hr

4 workers



5 - 8 lbs/hr

7 workers

XL Dry


60 lbs/hr

60 workers

See All Models


Best For Kief Collection: Centurion Pro

When it comes to collecting kief, the Centurion models win hands down for one simple reason. They include a kief collection bag, so you are always automatically collecting kief when you use their machines.

With the Triminator units, you have to purchase a separate kief collection drum. Not only does that mean an additional cost, but you also have to swap out the trimming drum for the kief drum.

That means you can only either trim or collect kief, but not do both at the same time, like you can with the Centurion systems.

See All Models


As you can tell, we are very fond of the Centurion machines.

That is because they are extremely well built and extremely versatile. They can handle both wet and dry material and do an incredible job with each. They also have a much higher capacity than most competitors.

Triminator can top them at dry trimming, but only just barely. And if you plan to collect and use kief, Centurion is a better option for dry material as well.

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