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Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Lights

Why Buy Your CMH Grow Lights Online From Us

Ceramic Metal Halide grow lights (also referred to as LEC or CMH grow lights) are a form of HID lighting. They are basically a combination of HPS and MH.

CMH bulbs have the same blue light as a metal halide bulb, but additionally have tons of red

spectrum light. This makes them great for all grow cycles (though HPS is still best for just flowering). CMH bulbs also use less power and generate less heat than other HID bulbs.

The popularity of CMH horticultural lighting has been skyrocketing. As a result, hundreds of new brands have popped up. Unfortunately, most make low quality lights and have terrible customer service.

We weed out all of the bad brands and only carry the top American brands that make the highest quality plant lights and back them up with generous warranties. If anything goes wrong, you WILL be able to get your light repaired or replaced.

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