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Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here
Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here


Anden is humidity control built for your grow. 

Anden dehumidifiers are designed and built for professional cultivation with components proven to perform in the grow room environment and are backed by customer service that cannot be beat. Setup is simple, and humidity is constantly controlled to help prevent crop disease and pests.

data-mce-fragment="1">We offer a complete line-up of grow-optimized dehumidifiers for any size grow, precision controls like humidistats and thermostats to help you maintain complete control through the cultivation process, and other parts to help you keep your dehumidifiers and humidifiers running smoothly and efficiently.

Anden's humidity control products are designed and engineered in the USA— at their manufacturing facility in Poynette, WI—by a dedicated team. Their state-of-the-art facility and distribution center is designed to meet the demands of growers across North America.

When you're growing premium bud you've got to do it in an indoor grow room where you can control your environment and humidity control is one of the most important factors for success. Dehumidification is also crucial in your curing rooms as it helps to speed up the drying process before mold can set in.

Better value, lower costs – we are committed to the cultivator!

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