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Best small portable rosin presses

Small Rosin Press—Mini Portable Heat Presses That Fit In A Backpack

Small Rosin Presses Fit In Backpack

Finding the right press and getting good rosin yield on your premium bud is hard enough.

Finding a quality small rosin press is even harder, due to the lack of good information.

Once we realized that, we decided to change it.

We looked at the smallest rosin presses from the top manufacturers and narrowed them down to the 3 best.

Then we reached out to the manufacturers and secured contracts to sell their products. Now that we've been working with them for a while, we can confidently say that, not only are their presses the best, but the companies also take care of their customers long after the sale.

That is just as important and no press made this list unless the manufacturer is top-notch.

In addition to being made by top brands, all of the heat presses below are miniature in size and ultra lightweight. None require air compressors or pumps to operate. They are either manual or electric.


Quick Summary: Best Mini Rosin Presses

This is just a brief summary of our findings, for those who prefer to get right to it. We go into much more detail on each press below.

Top Small Rosin Tech Press

The NugSmasher Mini is our top overall choice, because it offers the best all-around value for money.

Top Budget Portable Rosin Tech Press

The Rosin Tech Go 2 is one of the least expensive options and it is the second lightest and smallest. It is only slightly larger than the Rocket.

Top Small Electric Rosin Tech Press

The RosinBomb Rocket used to be the most expensive option but is now on sale for $425 and it is electric (no manual operation or air compressor needed) and it has the highest capacity at up to 5 grams per press.


Small Rosin Press: Reviews Of The Best 3

These are brief summaries of the capabilities of each model and a list of their pros and cons. We also provide links that take you the the product pages where you can find more in-depth info on their specs and features.

NugSmasher Mini—Best Overall Mini Rosin Press

NugSmasher Mini

The NugSmasher Mini is our best-selling rosin press period, not just the best selling small model.

And there are plenty of reasons for that.

The main reason is the value for money. There are only a few good presses that sell for under $500 and none of them come close to matching the capabilities of the NugSmasher Mini. We go into more detail in our NugSmasher review.

The only small rosin press that can beat the Mini is the Rocket, which is our pick for the best small electric model (see below). The Mini is the most popular but the rocket is fantastic and with the price now lower than the Mini it's worth checking it out.

Most people looking for a small press won't need the extra capacity the rocket provides (5g versus 3.5g, though that 5g may be a bit unrealistic—see below) and many people like the simplicity of manual (which you get in the Mini)

The Mini is a manual press, so you'll have to do a bit of work yourself. But don't worry, it doesn't take much effort to pull the handle and the Mini does all the rest. It delivers up to 2 tons of pressure through its 2.5 by 2.5 inch heated smash plates (round plates are available for an additional $76). 

In terms of size, the Mini is a bit larger tan the other two presses below, but still small enough to take with you anywhere. It stands 14 inches tall and is 7 inches wide. It weighs 25 pounds. The Mini comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • Low price: considering the 2 tons of pressure, under $500 is a steal
  • Fast heating: 70 watt heating elements heat up quickly
  • Powerful: manual pump arm delivers 2 tons of pressure
  • Digital Controls: digital temperature control and timer for pinpoint accuracy in pressing temp and time
  • Good capacity: can process up to 3.5 g per press
  • Lifetime Warranty: no other manufacturer offers this


  • Size: while small, it is larger than the other two presses below
  • Manual operation: not necessarily a negative, but electric operation is easier and faster

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Rosin Tech Go 2 —Budget Portable Rosin Press

Rosin Tech Go Press

The Rosin Tech Go 2 is by far the least expensive press we sell at $295. It is also the second smallest rosin press on this list.

Naturally, it is not as capable as the other two presses on this list. If you are looking for the most power and highest capacity, either the Mini or the Rocket are better. The Go's big advantage is the extremely low price and the small size.

At 12.5 by 7.25 by 8.75 inches and 15 pounds, the Go is slightly larger than the Rocket, but much smaller than any other quality press available.

Despite that size, it still delivers a good amount of power: 700 pounds of pressure. That's less than the other two models, but still plenty to press a decent amount of material. And it allows you to do so anywhere you go.

Like the other two presses, the Go has a digital temperature control and timer, which ensures an accurate temperature and pressing time each and every time you use it.


  • Lowest Priced Press: no other quality press sells for $295; not even close
  • Small size: only the Rocket (below) is smaller and not by much
  • Digital Controls: digital temperature control and timer for pinpoint accuracy in pressing temp and time


  • Less Pressing Power: generates 700 pounds of pressure
  • Lower capacity: can not press as much material at once as the other two presses
  • Manual operation: not necessarily a negative, but electric operation is easier and faster

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RosinBomb Rocket—Best Small Electric Rosin Press

RosinBomb Rocket

No quality rosin press is smaller than the RosinBomb Rocket.

And thanks to the electric pump, no press is easier to use either. No need to pull a handle, turn a lever or attach an air compressor. Just push the button and the Rocket does all the work.

Amazingly, this tiny rosin press delivers up to 1500 pounds of pressure and can process up to 5 grams of material in one go. And since it is electric, it produces almost no noise.

One thing to note: though you may be able to process 5 grams, depending on the material, we found 3.5 to 4 grams to be the limit for flower. Any more and it just doesn't have the pressing power. Naturally, this depends a lot on the particular strain, but we'd recommend getting a more powerful press if you need a full 5 gram capacity.

Despite that, it does delivers incredible performance while standing only 10 inches tall and weighing a mere 13 pounds. The small size and light weight does not mean lower quality build. It is made from 22-gauge stainless steel and the structural components are backed by a 5-year warranty (electrical components are under a 1-year warranty).


  • Tiny Size: you will not find a smaller rosin press than this one
  • Electric Operation: no manual operation and no air compressor needed
  • Quiet Operation: no air compressor means virtually no noise
  • Powerful: delivers 1500 pounds of pressure
  • Digital Controls: digital temperature control and timer for pinpoint accuracy in pressing temp and time
  • High Capacity: the manufacturer claims 5 g, but we found 3.5 to 4 is a more realistic assessment for flower
  • It's on sale for an unbeatable price.


  • 1-Year Warranty On Electrical Parts: but 5 years on the structural components

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So Which Small Rosin Press Should I Get?

For most people, we recommend the NugSmasher Mini. It delivers the most pressing power and is arguably the most reliable.

If you are on a strict budget and price matters more than any other factor, get the Rosin Tech Go 2.

If you want the smallest model and/or the easiest one to operate, get the RosinBomb Rocket.


Disclaimer: Some things discussed in this guide may be illegal in your location. We do not encourage the violation of any laws. If anything above is not legal in your area, then please understand it is for entertainment purposes only (specifically, for the entertainment of those who live somewhere with better laws…).

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