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CenturionPro Bud Trimmers

Why Buy A Centurion Trimming Machine?

First - the guys behind the brand really back up their product with superior customer service, fast shipping and one of the nest warranty's in the industry.

CenturionPro machines can handle both wet and dry material, simply by switching out the tumbler. They are our top rated trimmers.

They come standard with a hybrid electropolished stainless steel tumbler - good for both wet and dry material. Tumblers with a non-stick quantanium coating are also available.

Centurion machines also come with a hopper, a leaf collector and a triple bag collection system that separates out trim and kief, so that you can use it or sell it for additional profits.

These are expensive machines, but they process large amounts of material very quickly. They replace a whole team of human trimmers and pay for themselves in no time.

Not only do you save on labor costs for manual trimmers, but you can also make additional profit by selling the kief that is automatically separated out.

Buy your Centurion Pro bud trimmer today and really ramp up your operation, while saving big.

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