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Optic 4 XL NextGen Dimmable COB Grow Light

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The Optic 4 XL features 4 high-yielding CREE XLAMP CXB3590 COBs and supplemental CREE XPE LEDs for an extremely powerful output. The COBs have 120 degree lenses for a larger coverage area.

The result is a huge improvement in yield per watt and in bud density, trichome density, colors in your flowers and terpene profiles. You can expect yields of up to 2.25 pounds per harvest which is an incredible 2.25 grams per watt.

Optic 4 XL COB Grow Light Features

  • Equivalent to 1000w SE HPS: insane output for only 450w draw
  • Top-of-the-line COBs: 4x 3500k daylight white 137w CREE CXB3590 COBs driven at 80w
  • Bloom Booster LEDs: red, blue, IR and UV to give plants more of the light they crave
  • 3 Modes: run at full power, COBs only, or 3 watt LEDs only to save power when you don't need full output
  • 4.5 by 4.5 coverage area: 4 x 4 is the focused coverage
  • 10-year warranty: you'll see other stores call it a lifetime warranty, but read the fine's 10 years
  • Controller Port: use Optic's 7" Touchscreen Optic LED Master Controller to control light(s) remotely (but not required, you can also use the settings directly on the fixture); add the controller option above to save $100 over buying it separately

Top Quality LEDs Deliver Extreme Power

The LEDs in the Optic 4 XL fixture are equivalent to a single ended 1000 watt HPS bulb in terms of their output. Included are:

  • 4x 3500K CREE 137 watt XLAMP CXB3590 COBs driven continuously at 80 watts
  • Supplemental red blue, UV and IR CREE XPE diodes

Both the COBs and the supplemental diodes have the power to penetrate deep below the canopy. 120 degree secondary lenses focus the light even further to magnify PAR and increase the canopy penetration by up to 200%.

This table shows the canopy penetration (umol at the center for various depths)

Optic 4 XL Canopy Penetration

The PPFD at 18 inches is 658.92. The following table shows the PAR footprint over a 4x4 area at 18 inches.

Optic 4 XL PPFD Footprint at 18 inches

The PPFD at 24 inches is 600.59. The following table shows the PAR footprint at 24 inches.

Optic 4 XL PAR Chart at 24 inches

The recommended hanging height during flowering is 18 to 24 inches for a 4 x 4 foot coverage.

Hanging the light at 24 to 30 inches gives a coverage are of 4.5 x 4.5 feet.

For vegging, hang the light at 30 inches, using the COBs only. It covers a 5 x 5 area while vegging.

Perfect Full Spectrum Light

The COBs deliver a 3500K full-spectrum white light that is great for all stages of growth. The supplemental LEDs add red, blue, UV and IR light to give plants even more of the wavelengths they need the most.

Light Controls On The Optic 4 XL

The Optic 4 XL features separate switches for the COBs and the bloom enhancers. It also has separate dimming knobs for each.

Optic 4 XL dimmers

The COB dimmer allows you to set the 4 COB LEDs between 10 and 100% power. The bloom enhancer does the same for the supplemental diodes (10-100% power).

The switches allow you to run only the COBs or only the supplemental diodes if you don't need full power. The following charts show the spectrum with COBs only and with all lights on.

Spectrum with 3500K COBs only:

Optic 4 XL 3500K COB Only Spectrum

Spectrum with all lights on:

Optic 4 XL Full Spectrum

3 Modes Save On Electricity Costs When You Don't Need Full Power

You can run the Optic 4 XL at full power or you can run either only the COB lights or only the 3 watt supplemental LEDs. Being able to turn off some of the lights lets you save on power costs when you don't need the full output.

Package Includes

  • 1x Optic 4 XL light fixture with 120v or 240v power cord (select above)
  • 4x adjustable ratchet hangers
  • 1x Controller (optional; add above)

The Optic LED Optic 4 XL NextGen light is a powerful fixture that delivers the output of a 1000 watt HPS light but only uses 450 watts of power.

It features daylight white COBs, plus red, blue, IR and UV 3 watt diodes, in a perfect combination to grow any type of plant.

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Actual Wattage 450 watts
HID Equivalent 1000 watts
LED Chips 4 x CREE COB LEDs and CREE XPE supplemental
Input Voltage 110v to 240v AC
Current 3.84 amps at 120v; 1.9 amps at 240v
Spectrum full spectrum plus IR and UV
PAR 1660 umol/m2/s at center of footprint at 18"
Coverage Area Veg: 5 by 5 ft; Flower: 4.5 by 4.5 (4 x 4 focused)
Expected Yield 2.25 pounds
Thermal Management 5x cooling fans, slotted housing and 20% overbuilt aluminum fin heat-sinks.
Dimensions 24 by 24 inches
Product Weight 32 lbs
Recommended Height Above Plants 18 to 24 inches for flower; 24 to 30 for veg
Box Includes fixture, power cord; 4 heavy-duty ratchet hangers
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years

The Optic 4 XL LED grow lights now come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Warranty Information
Optic LED purchases include a 5 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2015 - 2018 and a 10 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2019 - present.

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