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Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here
Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here

Upgrade Your Rosin Press with the NugSmasher Trade-In Program

Everyone appreciates a new-and-improved version of the device they're already using. There's only so long you can keep looking at the same iPhone as the years go by. The NugSmasher trade-in program uses that same idea, so you can keep growing as your business or personal endeavors flourish.

With the NugSmasher rosin press trade-in program, you get an unbelievable 80% of your investment back to go towards a new rosin press, making it a useful upgrade that suits your needs.

Fine Print:

Excludes X to XP swap as well as Pro to IQ.

All returned presses must be returned in good working condition with no excessive wear and tear to be eligible for full 80% credit back.

Can't be combined with discount codes.

Trust in the Process

NugSmasher has become a full-blown industry leader when it comes to rosin pressing and creating the tools you rely on. Whether you are looking for a rosin press for commercial use or just need a convenient countertop press, it all gets made in the same cutting-edge factory in Arizona.

Why You Need the Next NugSmasher

Maybe your current NugSmasher was more than enough for your needs in the past, but now you're itching for an upgrade. If you're tired of trying to squeeze 3.5 grams on the NugSmasher Mini, here's your chance to switch to the OG/Original and work with 14 grams at a time, while generating high yields. Now, with an updated rosin press, you can do those larger smashes and use more precise amounts of pressure or temperature as needed.

As your skills grow and you push the limits of rosin pressing, take advantage of our NugSmasher Loyalty Upgrade Program with 80% back towards a better model at any point. Check out the different features and capacities of our models here.

Features That Make the Difference

If you're getting sick of manual pressing, the NugSmasher X is fully automatic, so you just push a button to start the process. Good luck finding an electric rosin press with this level of power and at this price anywhere else. If you want the most powerful option, the NugSmasher Pro can smash up to a quarter-pound at one time. For even more control throughout the extraction, the Touch has a digital interface as its name suggests. The XP is a more expert-level version of the OG; the added pressure gauge helps you find the perfect pressure for your material, then continue using it every time.
NugSmasher users can buy with confidence and almost no risk knowing they can trade in their press for close to the full purchase price. We're thrilled to tell you about this terrific trade-in program, so you can get your hands on a new rosin press whenever you're ready to make a change. Having trouble deciding which press to go with? For an in-depth comparison of the different NugSmasher models, check outour guide here.

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