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Discount Coupon Codes

To use any discount code, enter it into the discount field at checkout. You will find the discount field on the right-hand side of the screen. After entering the code, click on 'apply' and it will be applied to all applicable products automatically.

Special Brand Discounts


Brand Discount Code
California Lightworks 20% off cali20
Centurion Pro 6% off 6cent
Lush Lighting 10% off lush10
Optic LED 5% off optic5
Tent Kits 10% off tent10


 Use save5 for 5% off many other brands.


    NextLight Mega Free Gift (2 LED Bars)

    NugSmasher 420 Sale

    Get a FREE Dabtool, Magnet and NugPacker, plus a Gift Card for the NugSmasher website!

    • $60 Gift Card when you buy a Mini or Mini Combo Set
    • $100 Gift Card when you buy a Original or Original Combo Set
    • $150 Gift Card when you buy a XP or XP Combo Set
    • $250 Gift Card when you buy a Touch or Touch Combo Set
    • $350 Gift Card when you buy a Pro or Pro Combo Set

    Gift card will be sent to your order email address within 4 days of shipping. Promotion ends 4/20.

    For a limited time, get 2 FREE Secret Jardin LED grow light bars with every NextLight Mega you purchase (a $234 value).

    1. Add one or more NextLight Megas to your cart.
    2. Add any 2 of these TLED bars to your cart (2 per each Mega).
    3. Head to checkout (note: the lights are not shown as free yet)
    4. Enter the following discount code to make the bar lights free: freebars 

      Important: you can only use one discount code at a time (so you can not use the 15% off code and the free gift code on the same order). You can, however, get 2 free bar lights with EVERY Mega you buy.

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      Upon signing up, you will receive code for up to 10% off for almost any product on our site.

      You will also receive exclusive new codes regularly via email. Most of these discounts are only available to our newsletter subscribers.

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