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Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here

Automatic Bud Trimmers

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    Mobius M108S Trimmer


    The Revolutionary Design That Changed hemp Trimming Forever. Built for hemp and hemp cultivators who demand high-quality trimmed product without ...

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Why Buy An Automatic Bud Trimmer?

Automatic bud trimming machines automate the labor-intensive process of trimming cannabis flowers. They save time and money, generally paying for themselves within a few days in saved labor costs.

The two main types are wet trimmers and dry trimmers. Wet trimmers trim fresh (wet) marijuana flowers, while dry trimmers process

dried material. Which is better depends very much on your particular situation.

When trimming wet, all the trimming needs to be done at once, during harvest time. That can be a big drawback for large operations. On the other hand, drying trimmed buds takes up much less space than drying untrimmed buds.

Another advantage of trimming dry is that you can move your harvest off site and dry it elsewhere. If trimming wet, you need to take care of the trimming on-site.

This article goes into much more detail on wet vs. dry trimming.

If you are unsure which bud trimming machine is right for you, we also have a detailed buyer's guide that walks you through the decision and helps you find the perfect trimmer for your needs.

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