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Apollo Horticulture 60” x 60” x 80” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

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The 60 by 60 by 80 inch Apollo Horticulture Mylar grow tent proves that high-quality does not have to equal high cost. This is a sturdy and durable tent that will keep your plants safe, all at a very reasonable price.

Features of the Apollo 60 x 60 x 80 Inch Hydroponic Grow Tent

Here's everything you're getting when you buy an Apollo Horticulture tent.

Tough and Durable

Apollo tents feature metal poles and thick tent fabric. Everything is double-stitched and all zippers are heavy-duty. This tent is built to last and to protect anything you keep inside it. You grow will always be safe and secure from both the elements and prying eyes.

Saves Money By Not Letting Light Go To Waste

The strong zippers, thick tent material and double stitching also work to prevent light leaks. You're paying for that light—you don't want any of it escaping and going to waste!

The inside of the tent is lined with 100% light-proof and tear-proof reflective Mylar. It reflects 92% to 97% of the light from your grow bulbs back onto your plants, ensuring you get as much use as possible out of the money you pay to the power company every month.

Reflecting light back onto your plants helps them grow faster, increases yields, and lowers your power costs all at once.

The Perfect Growing Environment For Your Plants

The high quality materials ensure near-perfect separation of your grow space from the outside environment. This allows you to control everything inside the tent: the light levels, the temperature, the humidity, the CO2 content, etc.

In short, you have full control over the growing environment and can give you plants exactly what they need to grow their fastest and reward you with monster yields.

Prevents Odors From Escaping

Keeping everything that's in the tent inside the tent also means no odors will escape. Instead, you vent them out through one of the many sealed vents and run them through a charcoal filter, to eliminate them completely. No one needs to smell what's going on in the tent.

Prevents Pests From Getting In

The same features that keep in the climate and the odors also work to keep out pests. No more worrying about losing an entire grow to some tiny little nuisance.

Easy To Assemble And To Maintain

Apollo tents come with an instruction pamphlet that makes assembly simple.

Once assembled, a number of features make your grow easy to maintain inside the tent.

  • Zippered doors allow for easy access anytime you need to get in and take care of your plants.
  • Numerous vents, both circular and rectangular make it easy to vent air in and out and to run power or other utilities into the tent (see the diagram image above for info on all the vents).
  • A removable Mylar floor tray catches any droppings and makes clean-up a breeze.

Risk-Free Purchase

Apollo Horticulture have an exceptional customer service team that always has your back. They also give you a 90-day warranty with your tent and a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't like your tent for whatever reason, simple return it within 30 days and get your money back.

Package Includes

  • 60" x 60" x 80" Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent
  • Removable Mylar Floor Tray
  • 2 Filter Straps
  • Instructional Pamphlet

Weight 40 lbs

60" by 60" by 80"

Manufacturer's Warranty

90 days, with 30-day money back guarantee

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Warranty Information
Apollo Horticulture comes with a 1 year warranty.