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Pro Max Grow MAX600

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The Pro Max Grow MAX 600 LED grow light is produced in the United States, based on principles developed by NASA to grow plants in space. This technologically advanced light offers:

Pro Max Grow MAX600 Features

Significantly lower energy expenditure (than even other LED lights)

The Max 600's custom-made LED diodes are the most advanced on the market. They produce more usable light power while drawing less wattage that other lights. As a result, the Max 600 can replace a 600 watt HPS system, while only drawing 125 watts of power.

Some numbers:

Assuming an average use of 12 hours per day and a cot of $0.21 per kilowatt hour, operating the Max 600 for one year to grow 12 plants would cost $110.

Comparatively, 12 plants could be grown using four 90 watt UFO lights at a cost of $330 per year, two 200 watt HPS lights at $367 per year, or one 600 watt HPS light, which would also cost $367 per year.

Those are significant savings in terms of operating costs. Based on those numbers, your savings in three years will be between $660 and $771.

Save Money on Cooling (because you won't need any!)

The specially designed LED diodes in the Max 600 give off so little heat that the fixture does not require any internal or external cooling devices to maintain a cool operating temperature.

Apart from saving considerable sums of money, this also means you won't have to deal with noisy fans. In addition to being noisy, the fans are also generally the first component of a fixture to break down.

Designed to Produce High Yields

Most LED grow lights market attain high PAR readings in the center of the grow area, but those readings drop off considerably in the rest of the grow space. This makes for an impressive number, but it means nothing unless you plan on growing only one plant.

The Pro Max Gro MAX 600 has the highest PAR readings per watt throughout the entire grow area.

Grow 12 Plants Under One Light

Because the Max 600 is designed to provide high PAR readings throughout the grow space, it accomplishes a REAL grow area of 4 by 4 feet. This is enough space to grow 12 plants.

As a result, the cost per plant yield is significantly less than comparable LED grow lights costing $1,200.00, $1,400.00 or more.

The Same Diodes Work for Both Vegetative and Flowering Stages

The advanced diodes in the Max 600 provide a full spectrum of light determined necessary by NASA for healthy plant growth. While other LED lights achieve a full spectrum by combining differently colored diodes, each diode in the Max 600 gives off a white light that integrates all the spectra required for all stages of plant development.

Monitor Plant Health Directly Under the Light

Other LED lights emit a blue or red light that makes it impossible to evaluate the health of your plants without removing the LED light and shining a white light on the plants or removing the plants themselves from the light.

The custom-made diodes in the Max 600 produce a light that is equal to what the plants look like under direct sunlight. This makes it possible to check on the health of your plants at any time.

Designed to Perform and Last

The Max 600 does not include any fancy dials and switches or come with a beautiful paint job. Instead, all the production costs go toward high-quality components, like the superior LED diodes and the top-tier power source. Since these components were designed to run cool, the need for a fan, which is generally the first component to break down, is also is eliminated.

You get a light that will last you a long time and the 3 year manufacturer's warranty guarantees that.

Plug and Play Setup

Once your Prow Max Grow Max600 LED grow light arrives, simply take it out of the box, attach the included chains to a simple hook, hang it at your desired height and plug it in. You are now growing...

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HID Equivalent 600 watts
Actual Wattage 125 watts
LED Quantity 384 custom-made diodes
Spectrum Full spectrum; for all stages of plant development
Coverage Area 4 by 4 feet
Operating Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Operating/input voltage 120 to 277 volts; 2.16 amps drawn per unit
Operating Temperature -40 °F to 104 °F
Thermal Management Not required
Dimensions 25.1 x 15.1 x 6.5 inches
Product Weight 18 lbs. (shipping weight)
Life Span 50,000 hours
Product Includes Fixture and ratchets
Additional Details Powder coasted white finish
Recommended For Personal compact grow rooms; large-scale commercial operations
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years limited

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Warranty Information
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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
What a light!

Holy crap this light is amazing! I can't believe how powerful it is even though it only uses 125 watts. So easy to set up too and it arrived in perfect condition within a week. I'm gonna get another one from you guys as soon as I have some money saved.