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Photontek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar Led Grow Lights

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Photontek Horticultural Lighting 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar

Product Description

Improve the quality of your crops during the Flowering stage with the Photontek 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar. With an integrated power unit and daisy-chain capabilities, this unit easily attaches to Photontek X and XT fixtures. Utilize UV output to enhance plant flavor and aroma by up to 30%, reduce mold formation, and potentially reduce the need for chemical interventions. A must-have for growers aiming to produce a unique and premium final harvest.

This specialized fixture is expertly crafted to provide optimal doses of UV-B [280-315 nm] and UV-A [315-400 nm] radiation to plants, supported by scientific evidence. With a single fixture, plants can receive 2.2 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-B energy and 518 kJ/day (12 hours) of UV-A output, resulting in an output of 100 mW of UV-B and 12000 mW of UV-A. Photontek guarantees that this fixture emits zero UV-C radiation. Pair this technology with the Photontek X and XT LED Range frames and refer to our Grow Light Strategies for optimal results.

This UV Supplemental Light LED Bar has both a single input and output socket for the Power Cable or Daisy Chain Cable, making it easy to connect multiple fixtures. To ensure optimal performance, the bar requires either the 13 ft. (4m) power cable [PTEKM0025 (120 V) | PTEKM0030 (240 V)] or the 5 ft. (1.5 m) daisy chain (PTEKM0026), which can be purchased separately.

Recommended Coverage

The Photontek 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar was designed to fit directly into the X and XT fixtures. To make sure you achieve the best light spread over the canopy, we recommend:

Integrate a minimum of 2 units of 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar, with:

Integrate a minimum 3 units of 30W UV Supplemental Light LED Bar, with:

Recommended UV-B + UV-A Radiation Application

When incorporating Photontek X and XT Full Spectrum LED Range into your growing setup, it is crucial to properly mix the supplemental UV-B and UV-A radiation. During the Flowering stage, gradually decrease the photoperiod from 12 hours to ensure optimal UV radiation spread. Refer to the Grow Light Strategies table for recommended minimum units and distance to the canopy. In case of plant damage, adjust the distance between the fixture and canopy or reduce the photoperiodic time to decrease the UV light output.

To prevent biological effects on humans, switch off the power when installing or maintaining the Photontek 30W UV Supplemental LED Bar. If turning off is not possible, cover all exposed skin with opaque material, including face, neck, head, hands, and arms. Proper laboratory attire, such as long pants, closed-toe shoes, gloves, long-sleeve lab coats, and protective glasses, is recommended. Avoid looking directly at the light to prevent damage to eyes and skin. Ensure

***Caution*** By using this product there is a high risk of burning the plants ***

Only use on plants.


  • Increase raw substance levels by 30%
  • Control mold formation
  • Reduce the need for chemical interventions
  • Flavour & smell direct impact
  • Extends plants shelf life
  • Top Bin LED UV Chips
  • Attachable to all Photontek X Full-Spectrum LED Range
  • Flexible hanging brackets
  • Plug and Play: internal LED Driver
  • Daisy chain connectivity
  • Passive Cooling
  • IP65
  • Power cable 13 ft. (4m) and the daisy chain 5 ft. (1.5 m) are sold separately.

Instruction Manual

Five-Year Manufacturers Warranty

P-TEK LEDs all have market-leading long-term warranties. Reflecting their durability and longevity to produce great results time and time again with no maintenance.

The warranty term is a full 5 years beginning on the date of purchase. Misuse, abuse or failure to follow manufacturer's instructions are NOT covered. Any changes or adaptations to the product of any kind will void the warranty.

P-TEK will, at their discretion, repair or replace products covered under this limited warranty. To request warranty services, you must return the unit with your proof of purchase to your place of purchase, within the warranty period.

UV-B (280-315 NM) 100 mW
UV-A (315-400 NM) 12000 mW
INPUT VOLTAGE 120-277 V AC, 50-60 HZ
DRIVER 30 W, 120-277 V AC, integrated
INPUT POWER 30 W (±5%)
WEIGHT 2.65 Lbs
DIMENSIONS 39.4'' x 1,9'' x 1,7''
BTU 102 BTUs/h

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Warranty Information
All Photontek have a 5-Year Warranty.

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