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Optic Slim 320S Gen3 LED Grow Light (+UV/IR) w Triple Dimmer

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The Slim 320S Gen3 Dimmable LED Grow Light is a top of the line LED Fixture that is sure to amaze. Now upgraded (July 2022) with triple dimmer.

This all aluminum fixture is lightweight, sleek, and built to provide maximum passive cooling capabilities for the Optic Double Row LED Strips.

It is powered by a "Best in Class" Meanwell Dimmable Driver, giving you many years of reliability and top of the line efficiency.

Samsung's horticulture specific LM301H white LEDs are in the class of "Most Efficient" from Samsung and they go through a special lens treatment to stand up to high humidity environments.

The Samsung LH351H are the most efficient "mainstream" Multicolored LED used today. The Slim 320S features 450 nm deep blue and 660 nm deep red, plus UV.

This gives you the perfect balanced spectrum that can be absorbed in ultra-high intensities, and results in the best possible flower quality and density.

Optic Slim 320S Gen3 Features

  • Samsung LM301H LEDS: 1344 diodes with a mix of 3000K and 3500K white light
  • Samsung LH351H: 16x 450 nm royal blue and 24x 660 deep red
  • LG UV LED: 4x UV for increased resin production and potency of oils
  • 120 degree lens: each diode has a 120 degree lens for protection and to focus the beam for better efficiency
  • Meanwell driver: top of the line MeanWell dimmable driver
  • Large coverage: 2 by 4 foot coverage area
  • Dimmable: 2x dimmers go from 0 to 100% - one for red and warm white, the other for blue and cool white
  • Yield: Up to 768 grams / 27.42 oz / 1.71 lbs (2.4 grams per watt)
  • Highly efficient: 320 watt power consumption (at 100%), but is equivalent to 600 watt HID; 2.1 umol/joule
  • 10-year warranty: you'll see other stores call it a lifetime warranty, but read the fine's 10 years
  • Controller Port: use Optic's 7" Touchscreen Optic LED Master Controller to control light(s) remotely (but not required, you can also use the settings directly on the fixture); add the controller option above to save $100 over buying it separately

Dimmable To Save Money When Full Power Is Not Needed

This light is dimmable from 0% to 100%. The warm white and red diodes are controlled by one dimmer and the cool white and blue diodes by the other.

Here are the recommended dimmer settings for maximum efficiency:

  • Seedlings: 25% power at 48" hanging height
  • Vegging: 25% at 24" (or 50% at 48")
  • Flowering Week 1-3: 50% power at 24" to 30"
  • Flowering Week 4-6: 75% power at 18 "to 24"
  • Flowering Week 7-8: 100% power at 18" to 24"
  • Flowering Week 9-10: 100% power at 12" to 18"

Perfect Full Spectrum Light For Flowering & Vegging

The 3000K and 3500K diodes provide a warm white light and the 450 nm and 660 nm diodes supplement it with additional deep red and royal blue.

Package Includes

  • 1x Optic Slim 320S with 120v power cord
  • 1x dimmable driver module
  • 4x adjustable ratchet hangers
  • 1x Controller (optional; add above)

The Optic LED Slim 320S is a powerful light that gives you greater yields, thanks to the large form factor, which distributes the light more evenly across the entire coverage area.

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Actual Wattage 320 watts
LED Chips Samsung LM301H and LH351H LEDs
Spectrum 3000K and 3500K full spectrum white light, plus 660 deep red and 450 royal blue
Coverage Area 2 by 4 feet
Operating Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Thermal Management passive heatsinks
Dimensions 42" x 21" x 4.5"
Weight 18 pounds
Box Includes fixture and attached power cord, dimmable driver module, 4 adjustable ratchet hangers
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years

This Optic LED grow light comes with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

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Warranty Information
Optic LED purchases include a 5 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2015 - 2018 and a 10 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2019 - present.

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