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Memorial Day SALE | 15% off all Nugsmasher products | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW
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Optic Led Slim 420H Nextgen Dimmable LED Grow Light - 3x3 coverage

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Achieve optimal results for indoor cultivation with the Optic LED Slim 420H NextGen Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light.

The Optic LED Slim 420H Nextgen is designed for growers looking for efficient, high-quality, and versatile grow lights. Created with expertise and sustainability in mind, this LED light delivers exceptional results while also conserving space and energy.

Optimize your growing experience with the Optic LED Slim 420H Nextgen. This advanced LED grow light offers precise control over spectrum and intensity, resulting in maximum yields and promoting plant health and vitality. Its dimmable settings and adjustable hanging height provide unmatched flexibility, ensuring ideal growth conditions for every stage of your plants.

As a product expert in the industry, I can confidently say that the Optic LED Slim 420H Nextgen surpasses conventional 800-watt HID or HPS grow lights in both efficiency and performance, while greatly reducing energy consumption. Its cutting-edge design and technology allow for impressive Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) and Photosynthetic Photon Flux per Watt, resulting in maximum light absorption and utilization by plants.

Experience top-of-the-line plant growth with the Optic LED Slim 420H Nextgen. Equipped with 1,184 efficient LEDs, this grow light offers full-spectrum white light and powerful red and blue LED bloom enhancers. Its passive cooling system and sturdy build guarantee consistent and long-lasting results.

The Slim 420H Nextgen features an IP67 rating, ensuring protection against dust and water. With a seven-year warranty, you can confidently cultivate knowing your investment is secure.


Full Spectrum Coverage

The Slim 420H Nextgen features 1,184 high efficiency LEDs that allow you to mimic natural sunlight while enhancing the blooming of your plants, allowing for a healthy and vigorous growth.

Passive Cooling Design

No need for bulky cooling fans, as the passive cooling design of the Slim 420H lets you cool the fixture efficiently. 

Dimmable Settings 

The built-in dimmer on the Slim 420H Nextgen allows you to adjust light intensity based on the plant growth cycle.

Adjustable Height

Customize the distance between the light and your plants for optimal light penetration. 

Optic LED Slim 420H Nextgen Highlights

LEDs: 1,184
HID/HPS equivalent: 800w HPS
Kelvin: 3500K Day Light White
IP Rating: IP67
Grams Per Watt: up to 2.0
Yield: up to 840 grams (30 ounces)
LEDs Per Watt: 2.81
PPFD @6" : 1,430
ppf/w : 3.0 Umols/J
Actual Power Draw: 420w
Amps: 3.8Amp @110v (1.75Amps @240v)
Voltage : 100v - 265 vac
Warranty: 7 Years Warranty - 5 Year full Warranty + 2 Yrs limited
Release Date: April 2024
Shipping: Free Shipping To USA - International shipping calculated at checkout
Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord
Dimming: Single Dimmer on right side: 0%-100% Dimming.
Master Controller: 2 Built in Controller Ports -
Fixture Dimensions: 33.75" x 33.75"
Fixture Weight: 12 lbs
Shipping Weight: 14 lbs
Hanger: Comes with 4 adjustable rope ratchet hangers.

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Warranty Information
Optic LED purchases include a 5 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2015 - 2018 and a 10 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2019 - present.

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