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Memorial Day SALE | 15% off all Nugsmasher products | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW
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Mobius M108S Trimmer

by Mobius
Original price $48,700.00 - Original price $48,700.00
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$48,700.00 - $48,700.00
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The Revolutionary Design That Changed hemp Trimming Forever.

Built for hemp and hemp cultivators who demand high-quality trimmed product without sacrificing production volume or speed, the M108S is revolutionizing trim rooms around the world. The AirThread Tension Tumbler is dent-proof, rust-proof, and offers 50% more blade access than rival trimmers. Three TriFlex blades offer a precision cut identical to scissors. The all-in-one design trims wet or dry with the same tumbler, tilts to the desired amount at the turn of a dial (no racks required), and comes complete with an integrated vacuum system and trim separator (no bulky add-ons or gross hoses). By providing more access to more blades, product is trimmed faster while handled less, resulting in a finished flower that rivals trimming by hand.

The M108S ships complete with a Spring Jack, 2 tumblers, 2 trim totes, an infeed hopper, and an outfeed chute.

6’ Infeed Conveyor with guide: $5,900

6’ Outfeed Conveyor: $7,950

Gentle on product. Unrivaled in volume. The Mobius M108S is quickly becoming the trimmer of choice for successful hemp and hemp producers around the world. Being gentle on hemp is a function of minimizing the number of times it goes around the tumbler while touching it as little as possible. hemp should move through the trimmer efficiently with lots of blade access, cradled by a tumbler that has minimal surface area to block leaves or collect resin. The Mobius AirThread Tension Tumbler is made of stainless steel cable which means hemp has very little surface to touch and more access to blades than any rival trimmer. Resin stays on the flower where it belongs. Three independent blade cartridges offer three times the cutting power, resulting in hemp trimmed to perfection at a quality and rate unmatched by any other hemp trimming machine on the market.


  • DRY: 70 lbs/hour; WET: 140lbs/hour
  • Tumbler offers 50% more access to cutting blades than any other trimmer
  • Dent-proof, rust-proof tumbler trims wet or dry
  • 3 nitrided blade cartridges offer 108” of cut length
  • All-in-one design: Compact device with fully integrated trim separator and vacuum
  • User controllable tumbler speed, blade speed, vacuum power, and tilt
  • Run two units tandem for over double the production
  • Easy to clean and GMP-ready
  • 1 year warranty

The Perfect Tumbler.

Innovative in design. Unrivaled in performance. The AirThread Tension Tumbler is made from a single strand of aircraft grade stainless steel cable over 300-feet long, woven 90 times to form a 36-inch tube. This unique and patent-pending design not only allows Mobius tumblers to be rust-proof, but also dent-proof, as they become flexible when removed. When locked into place with evenly applied spring tension, the tumbler becomes perfectly cylindrical. The consistent and tiny gap between the tumbler and blades makes for a consistent and tightly trimmed end-product.

Stainless-steel cable construction offers industry leading 0.25-inch gaps for maximum cutting blade access – more than 50% greater than traditional tumbler designs. This enables a faster trim time (product spends less time in the tumbler), less surface area to collect resin (reducing cleaning time and precious resin loss), and a closer trim.

TriFlex Trimming is a Cut Above the Rest.

The M108S is equipped with three, self-sharpening blade cartridges. Each cartridge consists of a surgical-grade stainless steel bedknife flexed against a case-hardened helical blade with constant, gap-free contact to create a shearing cut identical to scissors. Three 36-inch (91 cm) blade cartridges set side-by-side offer 108-inches (274 cm) of trim opportunity with each pass of the tumbler. Product is trimmed faster and spends less time in the tumbler, minimizing the risk of impact damage.

Each TriFlex blade cartridge is custom made in-house by Mobius using our proprietary tooling. Helical blades are nitrided to harden their surface and black-oxidized to prevent rusting. Cartridges are held in place by tension, so they simply lift in and out of the machine by hand with no need to fuss with bolts or screws. Alignment will always be perfect with no adjustment or “dialing-in” required. You’ll get a precision cut every time with no “clicks” or user error.

The Spring Jack.

The Mobius Spring Jack Tool is the key to quickly achieving ideal and consistent tumbler tension. It’s the only tool you’ll need to disassemble the M108S for cleaning and comes standard with the machine. When affixed to the lid, the Spring Jack releases the tension holding the tumbler in place, allowing it to be effortlessly removed. When the tumbler is installed, the SpringPack lid holds it perfectly in place with even tension eliminating the potential for user error.

Variable Function System.

The Variable Function System allows the user to adjust tumbler speed, blade speed, vacuum power, and tilt, from an easy-to-reach control panel at the front of the machine. Modifying settings allows the M108S to be customized to suit any moisture condition, strain type, or end-product consistency. Trimming dry and want a gentler process? Reduce the suction and tumbler speed. Have a higher QC tolerance? Raise the tilt and send product through faster. Want to stop the machine immediately? Hit the large red stop button and all moving parts come to a halt.

Machine setting variability allows you to customize your M108S to deliver perfect, consistent product, every time.

Integrated Separation System.

With the Integrated Separation System, both the trim separator and vacuum are built directly into the body of the M108S, vastly reducing the machine’s footprint. Its hose-free design is easy to clean, less wasteful, and a perfect addition to GMP certified harvesting workflows.

Smooth internal surfaces with a unique, curved design gently moves trim through the machine on a cushion of air to a removable Trim Tote. By never contacting an impeller, the trim looks like it was cut with scissors, retaining 100% viability and value for use in extracts.

Tandem Trimming: Cost-Effective, Scalable, Efficient.

Increase production by more than double when a second M108S is connected in tandem. Two trimmers working independently require two crews to operate and a second conveyor system for automation. Our tests have shown that tandem configuration has a faster feed rate and yields more top-quality trimmed flower. This configuration is more space efficient and is less costly to operate due to fewer people being involved and less automated infrastructure to purchase and maintain.

A Clean Machine, Designed with GMP in Mind.

Not only does the semi-enclosed M108S create less mess, but cleaning it is easy and quick – reducing labor costs. Disassembly is nearly tool-less, and designed so that all plant touching components are “hot swappable“ in minutes. Quickly replacing dirty components with fresh ones maximizes production time, keeping your trim-team trimming, while your sanitation crew cleans in parallel.

The M108S is a perfect fit for GMP-compliant workflows because it doesn’t have any inaccessible parts, hoses, or concealed cyclones which are difficult to clean and may harbor microorganisms when not carefully inspected. The SOPs of the M108S are straightforward, ensuring consistent use and output. All plant-touching parts are smooth, made of non-toxic corrosion-resistant materials capable of withstanding repeated cleaning, and easily removed for cleaning or swapping with clean parts. The fully integrated trim separator and vacuum make for minimal airborne particulate and a cleaner workspace.

Simple & Safe To Operate.

The M108S uses a variety of indicator lights and sensor technology to offer a safe and worry-free trimming experience. The system automatically shuts down if a panel is removed, the lid opens, or the in-feed hopper or output chute are misaligned. The tumbler chamber glows red to immediately indicate a fault status, blue to denote ready for trimming, and white when in operation.


The Mobius M108S comes complete with everything you need to start trimming immediately including 2 tumblers, 2 trim totes, an infeed hopper, an outfeed chute, and a spring jack. Product infeed and outflow can be fully automated with an optional conveyor set-up. A second set of plant-touching components including helical blades, bed knives, and spacers can be used along with your second tumbler to hot-swap dirty components mid-batch. Racks and tubs are available for cleaning and storage.

An Intelligent Design to Handle Any Scenario.

Unforeseen harvesting hiccups can arise without warning. The more flexible your processing equipment is, the better it can handle these challenges to ensure your end-product is always perfect; loaded with resin and covered in trichomes. The all-in-one design of the Mobius Trimmer M108S comes complete with everything you need to trim wet or dry, with the flexibility to accommodate any strain. Run out of drying space and need to trim a batch wet? No problem. Our tumbler can accommodate both. Have a strain that needs a slower speed to get the perfect trim? No problem. Adjust the blade speed, tumbler speed, and vacuum power as needed. Notice that product could move through the machine a little faster? Change the tilt at the turn of a dial.

The intelligent design of the M108S helps to compensate for any challenge your harvest throws your way without the need to rush-order specific accessories or keep tabs on lots of infrequently used parts.

Trimming by the Numbers.

Pound for pound, the M108S is the most cost-effective option for high quality, high volume trimmed hemp and hemp. The feed rate numbers we quote aren’t laboratory tests under ideal conditions, they are real-world numbers achievable in your facility by your trim team. When we say the unit will dry trim between 30-60 lbs per hour, we mean it, and we’ll happily come to your facility to prove it. No other supplier is willing to back their numbers like us.

A well optimized Mobius M108S can dry trim up to 480 lbs in an 8-hour day. At 250 working days per year, a single Mobius can produce 120,000 lbs of dry product annually. This number jumps to 240,000 lbs annually when trimming wet. In both wet and dry scenarios, the cost of a Mobius Trimmer M108S is less per pound produced than any other equivalent trimmer on the market.

Weight 450lbs
Dimen...sions 47", 77.5" (with shrouds in place) (H) by 43 (W) by 43.5 (L) inches
Capacity Wet: 66-120 lbs/hour, 30-55kg/hour. Dry: 30-60lbs/hour, 13-30kg/hour
Power Requirements 3 Phase: 208V, 22AMPS
Wet/Dry Capable yes
Construction Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Speed Adjustment 1-11
Number of Blades 3
Blade Treatment Nitrided
Motor Power Vacuum motor: 5hp, Tumbler motor: 1/8hp, Cutter Motor: 3/4hp
Tumbler dimensions Length: 36", Diameter: 8"
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
Certifications ETL (CSA and UL equivalent)

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Warranty Information
Mobius purchases include a 1 year warranty.