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Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here
Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here
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GrowPros Classic Series HM660 Full Spectrum

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HM660 Led Grow Lights

Our 660W HM660 led grow lights is a comprehensive full-spectrum LED grow lighting solution, meticulously crafted for use in both commercial indoor and greenhouse applications specially hydroponics. This advanced system empowers growers with precise control over the entire plant cycle, seamlessly transitioning from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Leveraging the benefits of full-spectrum lights, our solution accurately replicates the natural spectrum of the sun, providing optimal conditions for indoor plants to flourish and achieve their maximum growth potential.

Integration with TrolMaster System

Our Classic Series Grow Lighting, Ultra Series Grow Lighting and Beast Series Grow Lighting are fully compatible with the TrolMaster System, including the HYDRO-X SYSTEM, AQUA-X SYSTEM, TENT-X SYSTEM, and CARBON-X SYSTEM, with the use of the Adapter LMA-14. This seamless integration allows for a comprehensive control and monitoring solution, empowering growers to manage their indoor cultivation environments effortlessly.

Tailored Horticultural Lighting

The Classic Series, Ultra Slim Series and Beast Series are advanced full-spectrum LED matrix horticultural grow lights, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of indoor growers. These lights offer customizable settings, allowing growers to adjust light intensity, spectrum, and duration according to specific plant requirements, resulting in improved crop yields and quality.

Efficient and User-Friendly Solution

Designed to provide optimal lighting conditions for plant growth, the Classic Series, Ultra Slim Series and Beast Series, in conjunction with the TrolMaster System, offer an efficient and user-friendly solution for modern horticultural practices. With their adaptable features and precise control mechanisms, these lighting systems ensure that plants receive the ideal lighting conditions throughout their growth cycles, facilitating healthy and robust plant development.

About Grow Light Rebates Program

Utility companies incentivize cultivators to embrace sustainability by offering rebates for approved LED grow lights. LEDs, renowned for their superior efficiency compared to traditional HID lights, consume less electricity while producing equivalent light output. This promotion underscores the commitment to energy-efficient solutions in indoor cultivation. Keep in mind that specific specifications and guidelines apply to the process of claiming these rebates, ensuring a seamless transition to eco-friendly lighting practices.

WATTAGE 660W (Boost up to 720W)
0-10V dimming (0-100%), Wireless
THD 20%
IP44, Suitable for dry & damp locations
WARRANTY 7 year limited
PERFOR MANCE DATA 660W (100%) @ 12″H 720W (110%) @ 12″H
PPF 1716 μmol/s 1820 μmol/
PPE 2.6 μmol/J 2.6 μmol/J

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