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Memorial Day SALE | 15% off all Nugsmasher products | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW
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Hey Abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition

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$774.00 - $774.00
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Hey Abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition: Cultivating Bliss, One Bud at a Time!

Discover the Hey abby Automated Grow Box 420 Edition, designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use. This advanced grow box combines cutting-edge technology and expert engineering to provide a fully automated growing experience.


What is the 420 Edition?

We wanted to make a hydroponic cannabis grow system that provides users with Hey abby quality, but at a more affordable price. Many of our growers don’t require the super hi-tech aspects of Hey abby OG. Therefore, we removed the digital interface, the see-through window, and height sensors, which are not essential to someone seeking a simple growing experience. With our 420 Edition, you now get to grow plants easily from home, whatever your budget.

4X! Success Rate

According to local clone nurseries, only about 20% of growers succeed alone. However, with Hey abby's this success rate is increased by four times by providing an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution that drastically improves their chances of cultivating thriving plants.

Unleash Expertise with Pro Mode

While Hey abby nurtures beginners with a guided experience, the Pro Mode allows for customization to please experienced growers. Fine-tune your grow system with complete control over light schedules, intensities, and airflow.

Fast and High Yield 

Get up to 6oz of high-quality dry flower yield in just 3-4 months. Join hundreds of successful hey abby growers who have achieved their first grow with us!

Everlight Pro Growing LED Array

Hey abby 420 edition uses the Everlight XI3030P LED array with a balanced combination of red, blue, and white LEDs. This delivers a full spectrum of light, ensuring your plant receives the exact wavelengths necessary for optimal growth and development

Quality Guaranteed

Hey abby's LED partner, Everlight, was founded in 1983 and is one of the world's top LED manufacturers. The 420 edition, which is implemented with Everlight's XI3030P grow LED, is the choice of many professional cultivators. Everlight’s excellence and high-quality products have led to it becoming a top ten international Optoelectronics supplier.

Engineered For Growers

Anyone can buy LED products but integrating them requires incredibly high sophistication and engineering capabilities. The Hey abby's engineering team worked with Everlight closely to optimize the LED layout and tuning it for maximum yield, so our growers get the best possible results.

There is Always Room to Grow

No need to convert a room in your home into a greenhouse. Hey abby takes up less than 2 sq. feet of space.

420 Edition

Description The Ultimate grow gox designed for pro growers, super powered by Samsung LM301H EVO
Price $1199
Dimensions 15.75*15.75*48 inches
Grow Height 31.5 inches
Plant Compatibilities Photo Seed/Clone, Auto Seed/Seedlings
Strain Compatibilities Indica(recommended)/Hybrid/Stativa
Yield Up to 9 Oz Dry Flower 
Lighting System Samsung LM301H EVO Full Spectrum Growing Light System
User Interface Smart knob with 2.1 TFT LCD Screen, Magnetic Window
Sensors Ultrasonic Sensor, Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Water Temperature Sensor, Water Level Sensor X3 , 5.8 G Radar Sensor
Air Flow System 2+2 Fan+Airpump
Voice Control Yes
Connectivity Wifi 2.4G+Bluetooth 4.2

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