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Energy Rebates | Get up to 100% of your costs covered | Find out more here
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By marrying GreenBroz Model G Precision Grinder and Rise Conveyor, the Rise-N-Grind System can help your operation benefit from truly hands off grinding.

Get ready to experience top-tier grinding with the Rise-N-Grind System! Our Model G Precision Grinder and integrated Rise Conveyor are paired perfectly, allowing you to benefit from a truly hands off process. In addition, all materials used in production meet GMP standards for your peace of mind—preventing microbial growth so cleaning time is minimized. No matter how quickly you need results, our grinder produces an outstanding even grind every single time without generating intense heat that damages delicate trichomes or terpenes. It's perfect for any operation looking for safe and consistent throughput combined with exceptional quality output!

M+ Trimming System Features & Benefits

  • Future Proofed Materials. All materials meet GMP standard regulations to prevent microbial growth and minimize cleaning time.

  • Mill Up To 10lbs An Hour. No matter how fast you mill, the Rise-N-Grind will turn out a consistent even grind throughout production.

  • Low Friction Grinding. The Rise-N-Grind generates minimal heat during operations so your trichomes and terpenes stay intact.


The Rise-N-Grind doesn’t pulverize your buds into powder. Instead, it dismantles them. The resulting biomass is perfect for pre-rolls. In addition, delicate trichomes are safe from getting scorched thanks to the system’s low friction grinding action.


The grinding component of the Rise-N-Grind has a unique milling function that leaves stems intact for easy removal. Stemless biomass has multiple benefits for your organization including:

  • Increased THC% per pound of material.
  • Improved flavor
  • No punctures in your pre-rolls


The Rise-N-Grind is comprised of two machines, the GreenBroz Model G and Rise Conveyor. The machines do not need to be used in tandem. You can apply the Rise Conveyor's metered feeding or the Model G's precision grinding anywhere in your operation. Both machines are on wheels, so you can reconfigure your hemp processing facility on the fly.


Automating your grinding allows you to upskill employees, move staff into other areas of your business, and gives you the power to break free from reliance on seasonal labor.


A customizable oscillating sifter gives you total control over your final product. Your system comes out of the box with three interchangeable screens that allow you to sift material into 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" increments. However, any standard stainless steel perforated metal sheet can be fitted to your system, so your end product can meet your exact specifications.

GreenBroz trimmers come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty.

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Warranty Information
GreenBroz purchases include a 3 year warranty.