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Gorilla Grow Tent LITE Line 48 – 4' X 8' X 6'7"

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The Gorilla GGT LITE 48 Grow Tent is part of Gorilla's new LITE line, which was engineered for growers who want a Gorilla experience but are on a budget. The quality is the same as the standard Gorilla tents, but with a few design changes:

Gorilla Grow Tent LITE Line 48 Features

Lower Starting Height But Same Height Adjusting Technology

The LITE grow tents are only 6 feet 7 inches tall (as opposed to 6'11" for the standard line) and they do not come bundled with a free 1 foot height extension kit, but you can add it as an option above (or get it separately on this page). With the extension kits, the Gorilla standard and LITE lines are the only height-adjustable tents on the market.

More space for your plants means higher yields and no more worrying that your plants will one day outgrow the grow lights and the grow room. The added height also makes maneuvering inside the tent much easier and more comfortable. No more crouching and banging your head on the lights.

Cutting-Edge PVE Binding Offers Superior Rigidity Despite Lower Thread Density

Thread density is where we see the largest difference between the standard and the LITE lines and where most of the huge costs savings come from. While the standard line has a remarkable thread density of 1680D, the LITE line has "only" 210D. You would expect a large drop in material strength as a result, but an innovative technology ensures you don't have to sacrifice quality to save money.

This cutting-edge PVE binding technology merges the exterior canvas and the diamond reflective interior. This makes the Gorilla Grow Tent LITE 48 much more rigid than competing tents and means it is not plagued by the same problems as tents with a similar, or even greater, thickness.

A generic canvas of a similar thickness, without this innovative technology, can rip easily, is more susceptible to light leaks, can leak unwanted odors and is more at risk of dangerous hazards like flooding. The much higher quality of this tent means it is more light proof, more durable, quieter and safer. Light and odor will not leak, making your growing environment much more undetectable.

Strongest Tent On The Market Easily Holds All Your Lights, Hoods and Filters

If you've ever tried growing in a generic grow tent, you've probably had some issues with the fragile plastic corners and connectors cracking or breaking, with faulty zippers, loose ducting seals and, of course, tearing seams (so frustrating!).

Other tents also use cheap plastic, aluminum or (in higher quality tents) thin steel poles. You are constantly nervous the frames might buckle under the weight of the lights, hoods, etc. and cause a cave-in.

Gorilla grow tents have a solid 100% metal interlocking frame that is 2-5 times stronger than any competitor's tent. The structure is locked securely in place with fasteners. As a result, it can hold up to 300 pounds--more than enough for all your lights, etc.

Tightly reinforced seals, strong zippers, high-quality fabric and thick viewing windows complement the strong frame and give you unparalleled durability and security. You can rest easily knowing your plants are well-protected.

Safest Tent On The Market Protects Your Precious Grow

Other tents have no mechanisms to cool down surface temperatures and produce high levels of heat as a result. They also use thin fabric and single-line sewing, which can lead to light, odor and water leaks and just poor climate control overall. They also have thin frames that can buckle under the weight of heavy lights.

LITE grow tents from Gorilla use fabric designed with a cutting-edge PVE binding technology that makes them much more rip resistant. This strong fabric combines with tight seals to minimize noise and give you a tent that is non-gaseous, smell resistant and light proof. The strongest frame on the market eliminates the danger of falling lights, hoods and filters.

Gorilla tents also have the most durable flood pool that will actually hold water and a patent-pending infrared-blocking insulated roof that keeps the exterior of your tent cool. It's a great feeling, to KNOW that your grow is safe.

Cleanest Tent On The Market Protects Your Plants From Pests And Disease

Other tents either don't have pre-filters or have large netted ones that easily let in bugs. They also have loose ducting vents and weakly-sewn corners that can allow microbes and/or insects into your grow space.

Gorilla tents have micro-mesh pre-filters that keep out bugs and double-lined ducting ports that create strong seals and maximum containment. Insects, bugs, microbes and mold stay outside your tent.

Best Temperature Control On The Market Keeps Your Growing Space Cooler

While the LITE line is not as tall as the standard line of Gorilla grow tents, it still has the ability to extend to heights above competing tents. The taller height not only gives you more growing space, but also keeps internal temperatures down by as much as 10 degrees due to the rising of hot air. Shorter tents give the hot air no place to sit.

Strong, insulated fabric also keeps the effects of external temperature fluctuations to a minimum. Lower quality fabric lets in more air from the outside, meaning outside temperatures can have a great effect on the environment inside your tent.

Highest Quality On The Market Means Your Tent Will Last

I've already mentioned some of the common problems with other grow tents: weak zippers that break easily; low-density fabric and weak seams that lead to rips and tears in key stress areas and odor and light leaks; weak, non-locking poles that buckle under too much weight and cause cave-ins.

Other problems can include inferior flood pools that lead to a false sense of security and just a general poor attention to details. Poor placement of ports, bad doorway and window design, poor choice of tent height or incorrect gaseous material selection, for example, can all lead to a frustrating growing experience at best and have the potential to be downright dangerous at worst.

Gorilla grow tents have strong metal poles that last forever and keep even the heaviest lights hanging where you want them. They have heavy fasteners that lock and metallic corner pieces that snap into place and stay there. High-quality zippers that don't break and strongly reinforced stitching in the corners and other stress areas ensures ensure durability and longevity.

Finally, Gorilla makes use of Diamond Reflection Technology (DRT). This tech redistributes up to 30% more lumens, meaning less energy goes to waste and your plants get more of the light they need to flourish.

Given the amount of attention paid to every little detail, it is no wonder that Gorilla guarantees each and every tent 100% and backs them all with a complete one-year warranty.

Easiest Tent On The Market To Assemble And To Grow With

Other tents can be difficult to set up and can easily tear or suffer other damage during the assembly process. Poorly thought out design choices when it comes to windows, doorways and zippers can mean that parts of your grow space are not readily accessible and plants in hard-to-reach areas end up neglected.

Restricted tent heights mean constant worry that plants will outgrow their space, which has a negative impact on yields and can even ruin a grow completely. You'll also be doing a lot of uncomfortable crouching and will most likely bump your head more than a few times.

Gorilla tents are easy to assemble and the smart design choices make growing with them so much simpler and more convenient: Velcro door strips help to keep the doors open and to seal over the zippers; viewing windows let you check up on your plants at any time, without disturbing their environment; wrap-around doors allow convenient and easy access to every part of your grow area.

The ability to extend your LITE 48's height over other tents gives your plants more room to grow and lets you tend to them without having to constantly crouch and without banging your head into every light fixture multiple times.

Gorilla tent sizes were specifically chosen to accept the standard sizes of hydroponic and soil systems, while still leaving plenty of space for you to move around inside your tent as needed. Plus, they even thought to include a handy little tool pouch (see image 9 above)!

Most Intelligent Design On The Market Provides Greatest Grow Tent Experience Possible

Other grow tents have ports, but they are not sized or placed correctly for closed-loop ventilation. They lack pre-filters or only have macro-mesh filters, which means bugs and microbes can easily get into your grow space.

They come with weak poles that can't support the weight of your lights, fans, hoods, filters, etc. They are not tall enough to allow plants to fully grow, which impacts yields and the overall tent sizes are poorly chosen, meaning you don't have enough space to move around comfortably inside your tent.

Gorilla grow tents are the first to have every port placed properly to allow for closed-loop air-cooled lighting and cross-flow internal air circulation. The ducting ports are large (10 inches) and cinch completely, meaning you can use any size ducting to ensure maximum airflow and flexibility. Your tent will stay cooler as a result.

The extra height further helps keep temperatures down and also allows for larger plants, which leads to maximum yields. Bug resistant pre-filters keep out unwanted visitors. Numerous other intelligent design features further contribute to the greatest grow tent experience you can imagine: the internal tool pouch, the thick interlocking frame, the smart selection of tent sizes on offer, the sturdy flood pool, 360 degree access and so much more.

Everything you need to set up your grow tent is included in the box, plus you get free shipping in the continental US, which saves you an additional $35 at a minimum.

So what are you waiting for! Get your Gorilla Grow Tent LITE 48 today. Simply click on 'Add to Cart'.

Weight 49 lbs

4' by 8' by 6'7" (7'7" with the optional 12 inch extension kit)

Canvas Density

210D (with cutting-edge PVE binding tech)

Pole Diameter

19 mm

Number of Doors


Ducting Port Diameter

10 inches, double cinching

Number of Ducting Ports


Number of Electrical Ports


Manufacturer's Warranty

one year

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Warranty Information
Gorilla Grow Tent purchases include a 1 year warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brock W.
Awesome tent!

OMG this tent is awesome! Seriously, I used to use a regular old tent cause I figured it's all the same, but yo definitely get what you pay for. All the little problems I had with my old tent like light leakage, constantly stuck zipper and so on are no longer even an issue with this tent. Yes it costs a lot more, but it's so worth it. Easy to set up to and the service from grow light central was really helpful too. They answered all my email quickly and were very knowledgable.

ALH p.
By far the best grow tent I have worked with and I have tried 4 now.

Absolutely the best grow tent out there. Perfect fitting for fans and exhaust. Super well designed with the viewing ports and all the opening for cords to connect your electronics. Super sturdy design and the tallest grow tent out there which is a huge plus! Inline fans can simply be attached with just the provided draw strings that come with the tent,