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We ONLY Charge Sales Tax in New Jersey | FREE SHIPPING On Continental US Orders Over $175!*
We ONLY Charge Sales Tax in New Jersey | FREE SHIPPING On Continental US Orders Over $175!*
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Gavita Pro 600e SE Grow Light Kit, 240V

by Gavita
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The Gavita Pro 600e single ended HID grow light kit is a plug and play installable kit that includes a reflector, a 600 watt e-series ballast and the new Gavita Pro Plus 600 high-voltage, high-frequency single ended bulb. You can control up to 80 of these units with the Gavita Master Contoller (sold separately here).

Features of the Gavita Pro 600e SE Lamp

  • Control the output: dim or boost the output depending on your plants' needs (300, 400, 500, 600 or 660 watts)
  • Soft dim: reduces stress on the bulb by gradually changing the output when light is switched
  • Integrated ballast: attached ballast means no problems with electromagnetic interference
  • 400V SE 600w HPS bulb: high voltage and high frequency for 10 to 25 % more output than standard HPS
  • Large coverage: 2.7 by 4 foot coverage area
  • Intense light: 1000 mol per second per meter squared over entire coverage area
  • Balanced fixture: can be mounted by just two hanging points for much easier installation
  • Very high grade Miro aluminum reflector: provides optimal reflectance of light onto plants with uniform light in an overlapping plan and deep penetration
  • Status LED: provides information about status of the ballast (shows a starting lamp, end of life, over temperature, input voltage too high or too low, plus memory for alarms)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Includes 240V cord

Power 600 watts
Input Power 655w at 120V; 647w at 208V; 645w at 240V
Input Current 5.4A at 120V; 3.2A at 208V; 2.7A at 240V
Output 1150 umol/s
Coverage 2.7 by 4 feet
Grow Cycle works for all grow cycles, but best for flowering
Warranty 1 year

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