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420 SALE | 20% off Manual Bud Sorter | Price drops on Photontek | SHOP NOW
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AC Infinity Combination Lock, Flexible Steel Cable Loop, 2-Pack

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A 3-digit padlock designed to ensure total security in any setting from grow use to property protection and travel. Specially crafted with zinc alloy to resist tampering and endure stress from normal wear and tear use and rough handling. Its straightforward, user-friendly design features an effortless push-button reset process and high contrast dials that are easy to read. The flexible steel cable holds everything in place and allows for smooth placement and transportation to protect your valuables in any situation.


  • 3-digit padlock designed to improve and ensure the security of your grow tent and other property.
  • Durable metal body and pliable steel cable loop can withstand wear and tear and resist tampering.
  • Reset button is directly accessible and easy to use to allow quick and effortless combination changes.
  • High contrast dials are easy to read to enable quick unlocking and minimize eye strain.
  • 2-pack lock kit fit for grow & travel use like grow tents, greenhouses, sheds, lockers, and suitcases.


To change the combination, set the dials to the lock’s current combination (default is 0-0-0). Push and hold the reset button at the bottom of the lock to set your new combination. Release the reset button to confirm the new combination.


This combination lock provides complete safety for grow, travel, work, and school applications. Fit for virtually any setting designed to house a lock like:

  • Grow Tents
  • Grow Rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • Lockers
  • Suitcases
  • Backpacks
  • Briefcases

Product Dimensions
Total Length 1.50 in. (3.8 cm)
Total Width 1.00 in. (2.6 cm)
Product Performance and Technical Specs
Material Zinc Alloy
Cable Loop Steel
Reset Method Push Button
Color Black
Units Per Pack 2

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Warranty Information
All AC Infinity products have a 2-Year Warranty.