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Method Seven Catalyst HPS XL Phone/Camera Filter (Pack of 12)

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Method Seven Catalyst HPS XL

Create professional quality media in your grow room with the Catalyst XL Phone Clip Lens Filter. What makes this an XL filter? Glad you asked; this filter clip and lens will cover multiple camera lenses at once, allowing you to seamlessly toggle between any camera mode (wide angle, super-wide angle, macro, etc)! The Catalyst XL clips securely to your cellphone or tablet, balancing the color spectrum with a high-quality Carl Zeiss lens for insane optical clarity when used under HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lights. The filter screw mount is a 52mm aluminum alloy ring and can be removed and adapted to other 52mm camera lenses. Made from aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer for durability.

Catalyst HPS XL Features & Benefits

  • Can cover multiple cameras on a phone.
  • Seamlessly toggle between camera angles (wide, macro, etc) when shooting reels & video to achieve color-balanced media in HPS rooms.
  • 52mm lens can also screw into 52mm cameras.

See the Catalyst XL in action

Product Care

For the best experience with your M7 product, tighten the hinge & frame screws occasionally. Hooking temple pieces onto your shirt collar can loosen screws and should be avoided. Clean your glasses frequently, and store them in their M7 case and pouch. Clean by blowing away loose dust and debris, then run warm water over the lenses and frames. Dry using the included microfiber bag or optical cleaning cloth. When a deeper cleaning is required to remove oil or sunscreen, use a small drop of gentle hand-soap between your thumb and forefinger and gentle pressure to wash the lenses. Resin buildup can be safely removed by applying a small drop of coconut oil and rinsing with warm water. Approved “sunglass cleaners” are ok (we like Zeiss lens cleaner, make sure your cleaner says "for coated lenses"), but avoid household glass cleaners and any that may contain ammonia or alcohol. Sunscreen, sweat, hair products, and cosmetics should be immediately washed away as they can damage coatings. Never use paper towels, tissue or t-shirts to clean or dry lenses. Occasionally wash the microfiber bag in the laundry, embedded dust or debris can cause damage. Damage due to improper care is not covered under warranty.

Can cover multiple cameras on a phone
Seamlessly toggle between camera angles (wide, macro, etc) when shooting reels & video to achieve color-balanced media in HPS rooms
52mm lens can also screw into 52mm cameras

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Warranty Information

If your METHOD SEVEN product fails due to defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair it at no cost. If we determine that a repair is not possible, we will replace your product with the same or nearest model at our option. Normal wear and tear, including scratches, are not covered.