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We ONLY Charge Sales Tax in New Jersey | FREE SHIPPING On Continental US Orders Over $175!*
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Anden A710V3 Industrial Dehumidifier, 710 Pints/Day 277v

by Anden
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Anden A710V3 Specifications & Literature

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Anden Product Guide

The Anden A710V3 is one of the greatest innovations in atmosphere control technology. Utilizing it’s game changing variable-speed, Low Grain Refrigerant Technology (VLGR patent pending) which will absolutely maximize efficiency and performance throughout the growth cycle. With this new technology you will be able to maximize moisture removal capacity and maintain tight control over vapor pressure deficit during late flower cultivation by modulating the unit to match your load.

The VLGR is the big seller of this unit as it will be able to easily stabilize your growing environment even during the challenging late flower stage. It does this by modulating the speed of the dehumidification based on the precise load conditions of your grow environment. This will allow for robust VPD in any growth conditions.

You will have no problem maintaining proper humidity levels with this unit as it easily removes 710 pints of moisture per day at 80°F/60%RH. Even with this dehumidifier pulling 710 pints per day it only requires a 30-amp breaker. It also covers a large area with it’s 1760 CFM @ 0.0” allowing for constant air circulation. Also comes equipped with an on-board digital interface to really let you dial in the right numbers for your environment.

Get the best moisture removal per dollar with the Anden A710V3 and protect your product from molds and rot today, while ensuring their growth is as efficient as possible.

A710V3 Key Features: 

  • 710 Pints/day: Removes tons of moisture in the air with ease.
  • 1760 CFM @ 0.0”: Maintains amazing air circulation to remove as much water as possible.
  • VLGR Technology: Get the greatest technology in environmental control and ensure a smooth and efficient growth throughout any stage.
  • Only needs a 30-Amp Breaker: The only dehumidifier on the market that can remove more than 500 pts/day while being usable on a 30-amp breaker.
  • Easy Filters: Easy to access and replace filters making maintenance a breeze. (Anden 5852 Filters available for $65.39)
  • Safety Checks: This Dehumidifier has a terminal that makes it easy to install a float switch to protect against overflows.
  • Digital Interface: On board interface so you can dial in your room settings.
  • Energy Efficient: Keep operation as efficient as possible with 3 liters per kilowatt hour.

    Capacity PPD At 80°/60%RH710 Pt/Day
    Voltage, Phase, Frequency


    1 Phase

    60 Hz

    30 amp Breaker

    Power Cord Type and LengthSJT, L7-30P, 10ft
    Energy Factor

    3.0 L/kWh

    6.35 pints/kWh


    0.0" w.c 1760

    0.2" w.c 1677

    0.4" w.c 1593

    0.6" w.c 1510


    Operating Range Temp/RH60/50 to 85/80
    Dimensions LxWxH31.71875" x 44.875" x 34.40625"
    Weight360 lbs
    Warrenty5-Years on all parts including refrigeration system

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    Warranty Information
    Anden comes with a 5 year warranty.