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Alien Deep Water Culture V-SYSTEM 6 Pot 2 Row Kit

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V-SYSTEM 6 Pot 2 Row Kit

Introducing the revolutionary V-SYSTEM™, a cutting-edge recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system that's unlike anything else on the market. Developed with years of industry expertise, this RDWC system utilizes innovative Venturi valve technology to oxygenate the nutrient solution without the need for an air pump, resulting in healthier root zones and impressive yields. Plus, say goodbye to clogged airstones - the V-SYSTEM keeps it simple and effective. Welcome to the future of hydroponics.

As a product expert, we understand the importance of ultra-wide, customizable tubing for avoiding root clogging. Our Vortex pump ensures a continuous flow of fresh nutrient solution to each pot, ensuring consistent growth and equal supply to all pots in your 4 or 20 pot system.

The unique V-SYSTEM hydroponics system features an exterior-mounted JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump that is air-cooled, reducing heat transfer into the fluid. This lowers water temperature, minimizing the risk of root rot and other crop-damaging pathogens. In addition, the pump is simple to clean.

Direct Nutrient Injection Advantage

The ALIEN V-SYSTEM puts a new spin on recirculating deep water culture by directly injecting fresh nutrient solution from the header pot to each growing pot virtually simultaneously. This means that when you're adding nutrients or adjusting pH, the system stabilizes- completely mixing the entire volume of nutrient solution- within just a few minutes.

This advanced design creates a whirlpool vortex that thoroughly oxygenates and circulates the fluid content of the entire pot, promoting optimal growth for your plants' roots, no matter their location. Thanks to this system, your crops will always receive the highest oxygen and nutrient levels to produce exceptional yields.

This RDWC setup utilizes a unique method where the nutrient solution must cycle through each pot in a row sequentially, resulting in a stabilization time of approximately 30 minutes or more.


Crafted with innovation in mind, the V-SYSTEM utilizes a whirlpool to effortlessly oxygenate each pot's solution, ensuring optimal O2 levels for thriving root development.

The V-SYSTEM utilizes Venturi technology to draw in oxygen, allowing for a steady and noise-free flow of air, eliminating the need for an air pump or airstones which can become blocked over time.

Combining the circular flow with the air injected by the Venturis, the V-SYSTEM maintains optimum O2 levels in the entire root zone.


In an industry first, the V-SYSTEM uses ultra-wide 5" custom-length tubing to eliminate root clogging and create free-flowing nutrients for any size room.

The base of the V-pot is sloped to allow for 100% nutrient change-outs (drainage) and ensure your plants are only grown in the freshest water.

Grow huge

The V-pot with a capacity of 15 gallons / 58 liters can accommodate large root zones, promoting immense growth and maximizing yields.

Nutrient Distribution

The V-SYSTEM uses pressurization to evenly distribute nutrients to all root systems simultaneously, eliminating the need for nutrients to flow through other pots before reaching each plant. This provides optimal conditions for growth and gives your plants the advantage of consistent nutrition.

Heat Transfer

The V-SYSTEM's water pump is outside the header pot and air-cooled, meaning almost zero heat transfer from the pump to fluid, keeping the water cooler and roots healthier.

Key V-SYSTEM Benefits:

  • Direct nutrient distribution
  • Maximum oxygen saturation
  • No air pump needed
  • No heat transferred
  • Vortex fluid motion
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Supports large plants
  • Pots and system completely drain
  • Prevents root clogging
  • Made in Britain

Key V-SYSTEM Features:

  • 15 gallon (58L) V-POT
  • Water fill line
  • Total-drainage bases
  • Venturi injectors
  • Inspection Covers
  • 5" spiral tubing
  • 5" Dual-Flow™ fittings
  • Integrated filtration
  • T304 Stainless clamps
  • Heavy-duty components
  • Push-fit feed connections
  • JET-STREAM® Vortex™ pump

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Technical Drawing

Instruction Manual

Number of pots: 4
Number of rows: 2
Kit total fluid volume: 63.4 gallons (240 L)
Minimum assembled size (can space pots more widely for a larger footprint):
Length: 4' 7.1" (55.1 inches / 1400 mm)
Width: 3' 11.2" (47.2 inches / 1200 mm)
Water Pump Included with the Kit:
Model: V-SYSTEM Vortex Water Pump 180W 120V 10800 l/h
Wattage: 180 watts
Flow Rate: 2853 gal/hr (10800 L/hr)
Recommended water chiller minimum capacity: 132 gallons (500 L)


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