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Yield Lab HID Grow Lights

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Why Buy Yield Lab Grow Lights

Yield Lab makes HID grow light systems that sell at affordable prices. The lighting kits and the MH and HPS bulb 3-packs offer the best value, but the individual components are priced well, too.

Of course, you always get what you pay for. What distinguishes Yield Lab from higher priced horticultural

lighting brands is a somewhat higher failure rate and a less responsive customer service department.

If something does go wrong with your light, they will always get you a replacement, but it will likely take a bit longer to get a response from them than it would with a top brand.

If you are fine with those drawbacks, Yield Lab HID plant light systems are great for indoor growers on a budget. Buy yours today and get free shipping in the continental US and no tax anywhere except Wyoming.

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