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Wachsen Bud Sorter & DB-6 Bucker Bundle

by Wachsen
Save $950.00 Save $950.00
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Original price $4,800.00
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Current price $3,850.00

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Wachsen Bud Sorter & DB-6 Bucker Bundle. 

We bundled 2 of our most popular motor-less  efficiency "machines" to save you mega bucks. The Wachsen SS304 bud sorter and The Wachsen Bucker make a great combo in your harvest room dramatically speeding up your operations with almost no down time since there are no machines to maintain.

The Bud Sorter

Using a proprietary flow-through mechanism, you can sort a pound of your finest buds in just one minute. The sorter uses minimal handling to keep each bud safe from the harmful vibrations of machine sorters. It's simple for anyone to use, and its sleek and user-friendly design means there's no unnecessary handling of your product.

With its simple design, the Wachsen SS304 bud sorter is easy to clean and sanitize—you won't have to worry about your product getting contaminated. It's made of 304 stainless steel and weighs less than 150 pounds—so it's easy to move around your facility!

With five different grate sizes, the Wachsen SS304 will sort all kinds of trim at different levels: wet or dry. Your product falls gently into one of five removable, food-grade plastic bins that make weighing and storing a cinch without losing any material!


Key Features:

  • Ability to sort wet and dry buds
  • Polished 304 stainless steel
  • Bins are made from high durometer food-grade polymer so that equipment is reusable and will not contaminate harvest
  • 5 removable bins and lids included as part of the set
  • Sealable bins will protect product in storage and during transport
  • Easy to wash and sanitize


Includes: 5 x Wachsen Clear Bin & Lid

The DB-6 Bucker/Debudder

is the fastest and easiest way to remove wet or dry flowers from their stems. And best of all there is no machine or motor to break down and leave you high and dry. This lightweight (at just over 40 pounds) and easy-to-use workstation can be set up almost anywhere, and it can be used simultaneously by up two people (with an additional blade).

While you're removing buds, they fall effortlessly into a removable, food-grade plastic bin for later sorting, weighing, and storing. You can use this machine on any size or length of stem—and it pays for itself in labor savings after just a few uses! Both models come with a heavy-duty, food grade stainless steel blade.

Both models are easy and quick to wash as well, so you can keep your operation safe and compliant while staying efficient at the same time.

To learn more about the DB-6, click here.

Key Features:

  • Ability to work with wet or dry flowers
  • Polished 304 stainless steel construction
  • Three sizes of notch
  • Heavy-duty food grade stainless-steel blade
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Easy to wash and sanitize
  • Sturdy and durable, made to last
  • Clear harvest bin easy to handle included
  • Process any length of stem with ease and efficiency
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be operated by two persons at the same time with an additional blade (sold separately)

Includes: 1 x Wachsen Clear Bin & Lid

Grate Sizes0,12" - 0,12" - 0,375" - 0,87" - 1,25”
Dimensions113.5" x 20.5" x 33.5"

Polished 304 stainless steel

High durometer food-grade polymer

Weight145 lbs
Notch Sizes3
Dimensions21.5" L x 28" W x 44" H

Polished 304 stainless steel

Weight44 lbs