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Optic Slim 600H NextGen Dimmable LED Grow Light

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The New Optic LED Slim 600H Gen2 vertical farming LED Grow Light takes vertical farming into the new era.

It is fully equipped with the Latest in High End LED technology from the best of Samsung, the best of CREE and the best from Meanwell. The Slim 600H Gen2 is a massive 41 by 42 inch fixture which delivers uniform light intensity and promotes uniform growth across your canopy.

Dimming gives you full control of your intensity and allows you to only use what you need, taking efficiency to the next level, reducing BTU output and extending the lifespan of the fixture.

The Slim 600H is for growers who want to grow with the latest and greatest LED Tech from Samsung and their new Horticulture specific line of LEDs. It is the first vertical farming LED to feature Samsung's LM301H LEDs in a high powered fixture that flowers a 4x4 area or bigger.

It is also the first to deliver over 4.5 LEDs per watt with Samsung LED Tech and the first to be engineered with a ppf/w rating of 3.0 umols/j. Imagine what a Slim 600H can do for your grow!




Coverage Footprint:

Flower:                                           Veg:           

4 F x 4 F area (1.2 M x 1.2 M)                4 F x 4 F area (Up to 7 F x 7 F area)


Hanging Height : 

Flower: 10"-24"    

Pro Tips: It's always best to set the light up higher and let the plants grow up into the light.

Recommended Dimmer Settings & Hanging Height:   

Seedling: 36"+    / 25% Power

Vegetative: 48" + / 50% Power (or 24" @ 25% Power)


Wk1-3 - @24-30""     / 50% Power

Wk4-6 @18" - 24"  / 75% Power

Wk7-8 @18" - 24"  / 100% Power

Wk9-10 @12" - 18" / 100% Power

Slim 600H NextGen Components:

LEDs: 2,244 Total LEDs 

Full Spectrum White Light LEDs: 

Optic Slim 600H Gen2 Features

  • Samsung LM301H LEDS: 2688 diodes with a mix of 3000K and 4000K white light; driven at 200 watts total (2.4 LEDs per watt)
  • CREE XPE LEDs: 24x 460 nm royal blue and 48x 660 deep red
  • 120 degree lens: each Samsung and CREE diode has a 120 degree lens for protection and to focus the beam for better efficiency
  • Meanwell driver: top of the line MeanWell HLG Series 600 watt dimmable driver
  • Large coverage: 4 by 4 feet
  • Dimmable: dimmer has 4 possible settings of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Note this is a single dimmer which means that all spectrums dimm together.
  • Yield: Up to 1200 grams / 42.85 oz / 2.67 lbs (2 grams per watt)
  • Highly efficient: 600 watt power consumption (at 100%), but is equivalent to 1000 watt HID
  • 10-year warranty: you'll see other stores call it a lifetime warranty, but read the fine's 10 years
  • Controller Port: use Optic's 7" Touchscreen Optic LED Master Controller to control light(s) remotely (but not required, you can also use the settings directly on the fixture); add the controller option above to save $100 over buying it separately

Top Quality LEDs And Driver For Incredible Power

The key to unleashing the full potential of Samsung's Vertical Farming LEDs is the number of LEDs used per watt of electricity. Most companies are using 2.5 LEDs per watt or less, which only unlocks a portion of the full potential.

The Slim 600H uses over 4.5 LEDs per watt which increases cost substantially but also delivers industry best efficacy for LED grow lights using Samsung LEDs at 3.0 umols/j.

Double Row LED strips with 2,760 LEDs all being under driven to max efficiency to deliver next generation Par efficacy and a mind blowing 1200+ ppfd at 10" and 12".

The Slim 600H integrates USA Made CREE XPE Red and Blue LEDs which are proven to be the most efficient bloom enhancers on the mainstream market today giving you a balanced spectrum that can be easily absorbed at higher intensities and allow you to get the light as close as 10" from the canopy.

It also uses a dimmable Meanwell driver, which is the best in the industry, to drive the CREE and Samsung LEDs.

It is cooled by passive heatsinks, so there is no noisy fan. It delivers an incredible amount of light and covers a 4 by 4 area.

The PPF per watt is 3.034. The PPFD at 10 inches is 1264. The following table shows the PAR footprint over a 4x4 area at 10 inches:

Slim 600H PAR footprint at 10 inches

At 12 inches, the PPDF is 1209:

PAR chart at 12 inches

At 15 inches it is 1113:

Optic Slim 600H Dimmable LED Grow Light PAR footprint over a 4x4 area at 15 inches:

At 18 inches it is 993:

Optic Slim 600H Dimmable LED Grow Light PAR Footprint over a 4x4 area at 18 inches

At 24 inches the PPFD is 891:

Optic Slim 600H Dimmable LED Grow Light PAR Footprint over a 4x4 area at 24 inches

Dimmable To Save Money When Full Power Is Not Needed

This light is dimmable, with 4 possible settings 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Here are the recommended dimmer settings for maximum efficiency:

  • Seedlings: 25% power at 36" hanging height
  • Vegging: 25% at 24"
  • Flowering Week 1-3: 50% power at 24"
  • Flowering Week 4-6: 75% power at 18 "to 24"
  • Flowering Week 7-8: 100% power at 16" to 18"
  • Flowering Week 9-10: 100% power at 10" to 18"

Perfect Full Spectrum Light For Flowering & Vegging

The 3000K and 4000K Samsung diodes provide a warm white light and the CREE diodes supplement it with additional deep red and royal blue.

Slim 600H NextGen Spectrum

Package Includes

  • 1x Optic Slim 600H with 120v or 240v power cord (select above)
  • 1x dimmable driver module
  • 4x adjustable ratchet hangers
  • 1x Controller (optional; add above)

The Optic LED Slim 600H is a powerful light that gives you greater yields, thanks to the large form factor, which distributes the light more evenly across the entire coverage area.

Actual Wattage 600 watts
LED Chips Samsung LM301H and CREE XPE LEDs
Spectrum 3000K and 4000K full spectrum white light, plus 660 deep red and 460 royal blue
Coverage Area 4 by 4 feet
Operating Frequency 50 Hz to 60 Hz
Thermal Management passive heatsinks
Dimensions 42" x 41" x 4"
Weight 32 pounds
Box Includes fixture and attached power cord, dimmable driver module, 4 adjustable ratchet hangers
Manufacturer's Warranty 10 years

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Warranty Information
Optic LED purchases include a 5 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2015 - 2018 and a 10 year warranty for lights purchased between the years of 2019 - present.