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Summer SALE | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW

NugSmasher Rosin Presses And Accessories

Why Buy NugSmasher Rosin Presses Online From Us

When you buy a NugSmasher rosin tech press from us, you get free discreet and insured shipping in the continental US and pay no tax or other surcharge, unless you are located in New Jersey. 

You also get a low price guarantee, which means we will reimburse you if

you find a lower price up to a month after purchase (see our shipping and returns page for details).

Nugsmasher makes six different rosin presses that range from a small unit for personal use to a large industrial one capable of high-volume production. They vary from 2 to 20 tons of pressure and feature large pressure plates that go up to 7 by 10 inches for the top-of-the-line Nugsmasher Pro Touch.


These are their seven presses:

  • The Mini: 2.5" x 2.5" plates and capable of pressing up to 3.5 grams of material
  • The XP: 4" x 6" plates and capable of processing up to two 14 gram bags at one time
  • The Touch: 4" x 6" and also able to press two 14-gram bags
  • The Pro: 7" x 10" plates and able to process up to ¼ pound
  • The Pro Touch: 7" x 10" plates and able to process up to ¼ pound. Same muscle as the Pro - just with added brains.
  • The IQ: 4" x 6" plates and capable of achieving extracts of 28 grams of flower with each smash.

All Nugsmasher rosin presses and accessories are manufactured entirely in Arizona. They are made from high-quality components and are backed with an incredible lifetime manufacturer warranty.

These are the best rosin extraction heat presses you can get in this price range, bar none. Here are some of the great features that make the best values on the market.

They are plug-n-play units

You don't need any air compressors (though the Pro can optionally be run with one for greater processing capability) or other gear. Just plug your unit in, turn it on and start making rosin.

Safety first

All Nugsmasher machines require several power circuits and the primary and sub circuits are all routed through high-quality, resettable circuit breakers, that are easy to access and reset, should the need arise.

Three of the models (Pro, Touch and XP) have LED lights that illuminate the pressing area for better visibility.

Precise control

The Nugsmasher line of heat presses ensure you have precise control over the pressing variables. Thermally isolated top plates and heat cartridges in all plates mean an even heat distribution and exact temperatures throughout the entire plate during the whole pressing process. They also heat up quickly.

A built-in pressure gauge (on the XP, Touch and Pro) allows you to find the best pressure setting and then repeat it exactly every single time. No more inconsistent results.

Check out the entire lineup above and see the rest of NugSmasher's great feature set. You are sure to find the perfect press to meet your needs at a price you can afford!

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