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Photontek XT 1000W CO2 Pro LED Grow Light

Original price $1,700.00 - Original price $2,080.00
Original price $1,700.00
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The most powerful grow light to date, the Photontek XT 1000W CO2 Pro Full Spectrum LED Light

The XT gives growers the opportunity to massively boost yields without the need to increase space. Designed for a canopy coverage of 5 x 5’, the horticulture fixture delivers the best light spectra on the market combined with ultra-high PPFD levels and CO2 supplement for maximum performance.

Photontek’s industry leading performance fixtures are composed of the highest-grade materials and deliver safe, dependable light. Each full spectrum light is perfectly balanced, producing the highest intensity PPFD through a multi-bar, linear design. What this means for you is: the ultimate ceiling of light for your entire plant growth cycle while achieving a higher and faster return on investment.

Stunning Features With High Quality Components

The XT 1000W CO2 Pro LED uses world class Osram and Lumiled diodes with a total PPF output of 2925 umol/s and the highest market fixture efficacy of 2.9 umol/J achieving the lowest $/umol. With 120° light distribution your canopy will thrive with a coverage area of 5 x 5 feet. Designed with both vegetative and flowering growth periods in mind, the full-spectrum fixture is dimmable to allow adjustments to the PPFD levels without losing efficiency. The results speak for themselves when used in indoor grow areas with supplemental CO2 use.

Supplementation use of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in your controlled environment can significantly improve the yield of your crop if used correctly. A good rule is that once you exceed 1000 µmol/s/m2 PPFD levels, you should be 1:1 with CO2 PPM – up to 1500. So at max PPFD = 1500 µmol/s/m2, CO2 would be 1500 PPM (a little lower, 1400 PPM may be the safest to start).

The use of CO2 with this fixture is not imperative, but if you choose to operate without it, we recommend a longer canopy distance to the fixture, ensuring the optimal PPFD level recommended to the grow stage. Utilizing this last method the expected coverage area increases to 6 x 6’ but with lower levels of PPFD intensity concentration.

Compared to a regular HPS solution in a similar wattage, the XT 1000W CO2 Pro achieves 30-40% less HVAC capacity while increasing your yields.

Increasing Output and Improving Light Maintenance

Equipped with ten 100W 2.9 LED bars, this dynamic and highly efficient horticulture fixture reduces the temperature of the LEDs, increasing the output and improving light maintenance.

Photontek’s revolutionary Activ-Adapt magnetic LED light bar technology allows maximum versatility. Choose to run anything from a single light bar to the full 10 line-up at any intensity you need by simply adding or removing the desired amount with their state of the art, smart and easy, click-magnet design. The driver can also be detached from the fixture and used away from the fixture for your convenience.

Additionally, the XT 1000W CO2 Pro LED fixture can be externally controlled with the Photontek Digital Lighting Controller. The controller features light timing, automated dimming (1% increments), temperature safety control, and Sunrise and Sunset mode for up to 100 fixtures per controller.

Not looking to purchase another controller? The Pro LED Fixtures can be fully controlled with any other control system that utilizes 0-10V output signal. Even if your Universal Controller has a RJ port interface, you can still run the Photontek LEDs by using a signal converter RJ to 0-10V control adaptor.

Key Features

  • Highest Market Fixture Efficacy 2.9 µmol/J
  • High PPF output for high intensity 2925 µmol/s
  • Lowest $/µmol
  • World Class Diodes & Drivers
  • Designed to produce utra-high PPFD for CO2 supplemented Grow Areas
  • CO2 Supplemental: A ratio of 1:1 CO2 PPM should be added once a PPFD of 1000 µmol/s/m2 is exceeded.
  • New Clear Glue Technology on the LED Bars Protection Cover
  • Optimized Full-Spectrum
  • Detachable Driver
  • Fully Dimmable
  • External Control with Digital Controller
  • Interchangeable Magnet LED Bars
  • User Friendly & Easy Set-Up
  • 5 Year Warranty

What’s Included

  • 10 x 100W 2.9 Full-Spectrum Magnet LED Bars
  • 1 x 1000W Driver with Connecting Cables
  • 1 x LED Structure with Connecting Cables
  • Power Cable with NEMA 5-15P Plug for both 120V Plug and NEMA 6-15P 240V
  • 1 x 0-10V Light Dimmer + Velcro
  • 2 x Metal Cable Hangers
  • 1 x Manual

Five Year Manufacturers Warranty

P-TEK LEDs all have market leading long-term warranties. Reflecting their durability and longevity to produce great results time and time again with no maintenance.

The warranty term is a full 5 years beginning on the date of purchase. Misuse, abuse or failure to follow manufacturer's instructions are NOT covered. Any changes or adaptations to the product of any kind will void the warranty.

P-TEK will, at their discretion, repair or replace products covered under this limited warranty. To request warranty services, you must return the unit with your proof of purchase to your place of purchase, within the warranty period.

Efficacy 2.9 umol/J
PPF 2925 umol/s
Input Voltage 120V ~ 270V, 50-60Hz
Driver 1000W 120V-277V with Twist Lock capability
Input Power (100%) 1005W (277V); 1025W (120V)
Coverage Area 5 x 5’ with Supp. CO2; 6 x 6 feet
Waterproof IP65
Lifetime 60,000 hrs
Light Distribution 120°
Light Source Higher Osram & Lumileds Philips Diodes
Dimmable OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V Light Dimmer (Included)
External Control With P-TEK Digital Controller
Spectrum Full Spectrum
Dimensions 46.50” x 42.95” x 4.16”
Weight 39.68lb

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Warranty Information
Photontek purchases include a 5 year warranty.