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420 SALE | 20% off Manual Bud Sorter | Price drops on Photontek | SHOP NOW
420 SALE | 20% off Manual Bud Sorter | Price drops on Photontek | SHOP NOW
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GreenBroz Model M Dry Trimmer

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$17,995.00 - $17,995.00
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Gentle, quiet, and able to process up to 16 pounds of dried flower an hour, the Model M is the bud trimmer of choice for top cultivators looking to scale their operation while maintaining their product's quality and bag appeal.

The GreenBroz Model M Dry Trimmer is designed to closely mimic the act of hand trimming your harvest while at the same time increasing the consistency and efficiency of your harvest process.

While the Model M is primarily designed to be gentle, quiet, and extremely easy to clean, the 16 pounds per hour capacity allows you to trim as quick as anyone in the game.

Our patented blade design, featuring surgical grade stainless steel, allows for the gentle rolling of the flower maintaining the natural curves and integrity of your product.

With a new round chamber design that eliminates dead space in the corners, the Model M Trimmer is more efficient and gentle without reducing the quality of the product! Whisper if you want or play music while you trim. No vacuums or large attachments needed.

The Model M Trimmer is easy to clean with removable blades, a removable barrel, and a removable control panel and can be power washed.

GreenBroz Model M Dry Trimmer Features & Benefits:

  • Trim Rate: Up to 16 Pounds Per Hour*
  • Construction: Surgical Stainless Steel, Food-Grade Stainless Steel, HDPE
  • Dimensions: Approx. 51"H x 37.25"W x 41.25"L
  • HMI Digital User Interface
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Adjustable Front Shelf
  • Whisper Quiet Motor
  • Made in the USA
  • Forward / Reverse Direction Control
  • Adjustable Timer
  • Weight: 190 Lbs (including stand)
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Stand
  • Three-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Power: 110VAC, 60Hz 3A 330W (US)
  • Power: 220VAC, 50Hz 1.5A 330W (International)

* Per-hour trim will vary based on strain, product preparation, and desired level of trim. You can expect to see your hourly rate increase as your operation learns how to best implement the Model M in your post-harvest process.



GreenBroz’ patented blade technology gently removes sugar leaves from buds without damaging trichomes or over-trimming your flower.


The Model M's 316 stainless steel construction meets GMP standard regulations, prevents microbial growth, and minimizes cleaning time.


Customizable HMI controls lets you dial in your settings to accommodate any strain type or end-product specifications.


If you run your Model M for 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, averaging 16 lbs of trimmed bud an hour, you will get 560 lbs of trimmed hemp. Compare what you currently spend to achieve 560 pounds of flower against the results you can achieve with the M and you can see how adding this machine to your operation makes sense.


All stainless steel construction, IP65 washdown motor, and detachable electronics enable the Model M to be broken down for cleaning faster than any other model in its class. Light cleanings take less than 10 minutes and full breakdown heavy cleanings can be completed in under an hour.


The M's top-loading configuration gives you complete control over the finish of your flower. Unlike tunnel trimmers, you never lose sight of your buds during the trimming process, so you can see when your product has reached your preferred level of trim.

    215 trimmer M Lite trimmer Model M trimmer M+ trimming system
    Average Throughput per Hour 4LBS 9LBS 16LBS 30LBS
    Patented Rolling Blade bullet bullet bullet bullet
    Variable Speed Control bullet bullet bullet bullet
    Forward/Reverse Control bullet bullet bullet bullet
    Whisper Quiet Motor bullet bullet bullet bullet
    Made in the USA bullet bullet bullet bullet
    All Stainless Construction bullet bullet bullet
    Washdown-Ready Motors bullet bullet bullet
    Automatic Feeding bullet

    Weight 190 lbs
    Dimensions 51 (H) x 37.25 (W) x 41.25 (L) inches
    Capacity 16 lbs per hour
    Power 110VAC, 60Hz 3A 330W (US) 220VAC, 50Hz 1.5A 330W (International)
    Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years

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    Warranty Information
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