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4th of July Deals

With all these dope 4th of July Deals we hope you make time to remember what makes the USA great and what we fought for as a Nation. And then there's time with friends and family and a good 'ol bbq. Happy Independence Day and we hope you love the deals we cooked up!

  #ff2a00;">Here at Grow Light Central the 4th of July is negotiation day so if you see something you like and the total is more than $5,000 give us a call and we will give you the best price we can.

Discounts Codes by Brand are below.

Brand Discount Code
California Lightworks 15% off cali15*
Centurion Pro 6% off 6cent
Green Sunshine 5% off sun5**
Lush Lighting 10% off lush10
Nugsmasher 10% off ns10
Nugsmasher Mini 5% off ns5
Optic LED 5% off optic5
Tent Kits 10% off tent10


* Min $500

** Min 10 units

Use save5 for 5% off many other brands.

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