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EZ TRIM Bud Sorter

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Bud sorting has never been easier with the Bud Sorter by EZTRIM. Once your bud is cured and dried this tool allows you to sort bud into 5 different sizes: shake, popcorn, small, medium and large! The Bud Sorter comes with five 27 gallon totes so you can sort for an extended time without stopping.

This amazing harvesting tool should allow you to sort up to 44 lbs of dried finished bud per hour. The grate sizes are quarter inch difference with varying sizes 0.25”, 0.5”, 0.75”, 1.00”, and 1.25” allowing you to cut down on time and easily increase the accuracy of the product's size.

Key Features:

  • The Bud Sorter lets you accurately, efficiently, and safely sort your buds into shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large buds
  • The Bud Sorter is typically used as a quality control station
  • Sort the buds prior to quality control and touching up, this will eliminate the shake and popcorn from the process
  • Brush product back and forth and down the grates until all product has fallen into the appropriate container
  • The Bud Sorter is intended to be utilized right before packaging
  • The Bud Sorter will increase your efficiency by:
    • Separating similar sized and weighted buds for packaging
    • Eliminate the handling and trimming of popcorn and shake
    • Separate shake for pre-rolls
    • Separate popcorn for wholesale
    • Provide a dedicated QC Station
  • Batch sizes should be 400 – 600 grams of fresh buds, and batch times should be 30 sec. – 1 minutes
  • Average throughput for every Bud Sorter should be 40,000 grams (88 LBS) per hour of dried finished buds


  • Sizes: shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large
  • Five 27 gallon totes for extended sorting time
  • Sorts 44lbs of dried finished bud per hour
  • 5 grate sizes

A Complete information PDF can be found here.

Grate Sizes0.25", 0.50", 0.75", 1.00", 1.25"
Dimensions90" x 24" x 28"

Aluminum 6061 – FG;

Stainless Steel – FG;

Plastic Totes – HDPE

Weight115 lbs
Production (single user)1 plant / <1 minute
Average Processing44lbs/Hour

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