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Summer SALE | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW
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DoubleLux 2 Foot 16 Bulb T5 Double Intensity Fixture With Bulbs

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The 2 Foot 16 Bulb DoubleLux T5 Fluorescent Fixture is the same width as an 8 bulb fixture, but packs in twice the number of bulbs for double the light intensity. This makes it an absolute growing monster.

It ships with 16 InterLux High Output 24 watt bulbs: twelve 6500K and four 3000K for the ideal vegging mix.

DoubleLux 16 Bulb 2 Foot T5 Veg Set Features

  • Vegging spectrum: includes 12x 6500K cool white bulbs and 4x 3000K warm white bulbs for the ideal vegging/cloning/seeding light
  • 384 total watts: sixteen 24 watt bulbs
  • Double intensity: twice the bulbs in the same space doubles the lumen output
  • Three operating modes:
    • Switch 1: 8 bulbs on for 192 watts at 1.6 amps
    • Switch 1+2: 12 bulbs on for 288 watts at 2.4 amps
    • Switch 1+2+3: 16 bulbs on for 384 watts at 3.2 amps
  • Long power cord: 8 foot, 120V power cord gives you extra reach
  • Daisy chain capable: connect multiple lights and run them from one outlet
  • Dimensions: 23 (L) x 24 (W) x 3 (H) inches

Package Includes

  • 1x DoubleLux 2 foot, 16 bulb fixture
  • 4x InterLux 2 foot 24 watt 3000K bulbs
  • 12x InterLux 2 foot 24 watt 6500K bulbs

Power 384 watts
Color Temperature 12x 6500K bulbs and 4x 3000K bulbs, ideal for vegging
Dimensions 23" (L) x 24" (W) x 3" (H)
Included fixture and 16 bulbs

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