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Triminator XL Dry Trimmer & BuckMaster Pro Bundle

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High Volume Bud Harvesting setup for Commercial Growers

This bundle includes two top-of-the-line products: the Triminator XL Dry, which can process 60 pounds of dry material per hour, and the BuckMaster Pro—a powerful machine that can strip up to 300 pounds per hour.

The Triminator XL Dry was designed to meet the demands of a large-scale production. It's streamlined and repeatable processes mean that it's worry-free operation. The BuckMaster Pro is ideal for pros who want to buck wet or dry material or both at once. Its two operator stations allow you to change up as needed, and its customizable harvest plates allow for wet or dry bucking. It also has infinite speed adjustment so you can adjust as conditions demand, and delivers loads of torque so you can keep stripping those stems without stopping!

Triminator XL Dry Trimming Machine Features

Pure Trim Technology

Triminator's proprietary technology eliminates metal on metal friction, which reduces the need for lubricants and keeps heat down.

  • Trim and pure flowers: no lubrication means higher quality buds
  • Reduced resin loss and stickiness: less friction means less heat build up, so resin is not as sticky and less of it is lost
  • Highest clarity extracts: no lubricants or excessive heat generation leads to the highest possible clarity
  • No trim is lost: the closed loop system with no fan means 100% of the trim is captured, so it can be used in extracts without being beat up by fans or blowers


Designed For Commercial Use

The XL Dry Bud Trimmer was specifically designed for high-volume commercial application

  • Up to 60 lbs per hour: world's largest drum with 44.5" cutting length ensures incredible production speeds
  • Close and clean trim: innovative angular shear band geometry provides sharp, precise trimming every time
  • Perfect cutting speed: Triminator ran extensive testing to determine the perfect speed that is just fast enough to maximize production, but still slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes
  • Minimal trichome loss: the slow, gentle tumble means the flower is exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally, resulting in minimal trichome loss
  • Rapid loading: innovative lock and load pivot system makes loading, unloading and processing as simple and fast as possible
  • Batch production: set-and-forget timer allows the operator to set the timer, then move on to other work like quality control or prep work, which reduces labor demands and increases efficiency


Worry Free Operation

The XL Dry was designed to make operation as easy and convenient as possible.

  • Batch timer: allows for set-and-forget operation
  • Industrial grade build: high quality materials and thermal overload mean you never have to worry about a breakdown, which is vital in commercial applications
  • No flat tires: flat-free solid rubber tires mean you can roll your bud trimmer to any trimming location and the lock and level feature lets you set up the XL Dry on uneven surfaces with no issues
  • Pressure washable: makes cleanup easier than ever (but you can also use other cleaning methods)


Specifications of the Triminator XL Dry Trimmer

  • Dimensions: 54.3 (H) by 33.7 (W) by 47.8 (L) inches
  • Weight: 225 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Wattage: 110 watts
  • Amperage: dedicated 20 amp circuit required
  • Warranty: 2-year factory warranty




Triminator BuckMaster Pro Features

Fast And Powerful

Up To 300 lbs/hr

With industry-leading torque and speed, the BuckMaster Pro can quickly process up to 300 lbs per hour of hemp or CBD hemp.

Non-Stop Performance

Designed with USA and German drive components and a 100% duty cycle, the BuckMaster Pro delivers non-stop shucking performance for maximum uptime.

Power On Demand

The BuckMaster Pro delivers loads of torque for non-stop bucking. With the capability to deliver power on demand the BuckMaster Pro can easily strip stems up to 3/4″ diameter.


Ready For Anything

Double Production

Two operator stations give you the flexibility to buck wet, or dry or both depending on your needs, all while giving you the power to buck up to 300 lbs/hr.

Perfect For Wet Or Dry

Customize the BuckMaster Pro to fit your harvesting process, with interchangeable harvest plates: one for wet andone for dry.

Infinite Speed Adjustment

Adjust speed as conditions demand with the infinite speed adjustment system.


Built for Pros

100% Washdown Rated

IP65 rated components are classified as dust-tight and protected from water projected from a nozzle, making them ready for quick and frequent cleaning.

GMP Compliant

With its thoughtful design and stainless steel and aluminum components, the BuckMaster Pro is ready for any GMP facility.

Tool-Free Disassembly

Tool-free disassembly allows crews to break the machine down in seconds, making your SOPs fast and easy.

Work Safely

Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop button in easy reach of the operator.

Lockout-Tagout Ready

The BuckMaster Pro is ready for your standard operating procedures with Lockout-Tagout ready controls.

Ergonomic Design

Height adjustable to adapt to your process and operators. Match to your trimmer or conveyor system.


Triminator BuckMaster Pro Bucker Specifications

  • Dimensions: 57 (H) by 50.5 (W) by 36.7 (D) inches
  • Weight: 243 pounds
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Current: 7A
  • Capacity: up to 300 lbs/hr
  • Warranty: 1-year factory warranty

XL Dry Specifications

Weight 225 lbs
Dimensions 54.3 (H) x 33.7 (W) x 47.8 (L) inches
Capacity up to 60 lbs per hour
Wattage 110 watts
Voltage 120 volts
Current 20 amps
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year
BuckMaster Pro Specifications
Weight 243 lbs
Dimensions 57 (H) by 50.5 (W) by 36.7 (L) inches
Capacity up to 300 lbs per hour
Voltage 120 volts
Current 7 amps
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 year

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Warranty Information
Triminator purchases include a 2 year warranty for equipment and a 1 year warranty for accessories.