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Centurion Pro XL 5.0 Wet & Dry Industrial Bud Trimmer

Original price $179,995.00 - Original price $179,995.00
Original price $179,995.00
$179,995.00 - $179,995.00
Current price $179,995.00

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The Centurion Pro XL 5.0 Industrial Trimming System is designed for large grow operations.

It can handle up to 1500 lbs wet material or 300 lbs of dry material every hour. That means it replaces up to 1200 human trimmers!

This powerful industrial trimming machine produces 420,000 cuts per minute and can easily handle the largest and most demanding harvests. The XL 5.0 gives you a leaner workflow with just a single piece of equipment.

Centurion Pro XL 5.0 Trimmer Features

  • Body and main components are made entirely of anodized aluminum and stainless steel to meet FDA and GMP regulatory standards
  • Tumblers are made from 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel
  • This trimmer comes with five hybrid tumblers, for dry and for wet
  • Ten 11-blade (26″) cutting reels
  • High quality, direct-feed hopper composed of food-grade plastic and designed to handle a large amount of material
  • OPTIONAL: infeed and quality control conveyor system to provide total control over the finished product
  • Variable speed control
  • Five 6 hp leaf collectors produce suction for a closer cut
  • Unique diverter allows you to control the airflow and suction depending on your needs
  • The triple-bag system designed for cleanliness, as well as trim and keif collection so you don’t waste any valuable product.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty on the trimmer and 2 years on the leaf collectors

Benefits of the XL 5 Industrial Bud Trimmer

  • Replaces up to 1200 human workers
  • Makes 420,000 cuts per minute
  • Processes 300 lbs per hour, dry
  • Processes 1500 lbs per hour, wet
  • Wet And Dry Trimming: new hybrid tumblers work better for both wet and dry than the previous type
  • Automatic kief collection: Centurion's triple bag system automatically separates and collects kief
  • Easy to clean: washdown-rated means you can quickly clean the tumblers and get right back to work
  • Easy to maintain due to high-quality components and few moving parts

Additional Information

Check out the information package and the product manual for more information on the XL 5.

Optional Infeed And Quality Control Conveyors

The XL 5.0 trimmer arrives ready to go with a food grade hopper. But you can automate the process even more with optional conveyors.

Both an infeed and a quality control conveyor is available to further streamline your operation and achieve faster and more consistent throughput.

Contact us to learn about these options (they are also illustrated in the information package linked to above).

Package Includes

  • Centurion Pro XL 5.0 trimming machine
  • 5x leaf collectors
  • 5x triple bag kief and trim collection systems
  • 5x hybrid tumblers
  • Food-grade hopper
  • Operations Manual

The CenturionPro XL 5 wet/dry industrial trimmer is highest capacity automated trimming machine in the world, apart from the larger Centurion XL 5.0 SE and the even larger Centurion Pro XL 10.0 (which you can see in action in the video below).

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XL 5.0 Industrial Bud Trimmer

Power Requirement 380v 3-phase 100 Amp at 50hz
220v 3-phase 150 Amp at 60 Hz
Tumbler Diameter 20 inches
Tumbler Volume 38.9 Cubic Feet
Tumblers Included 5 hybrid wet and dry tumblers
Human Trimmer Replacement 1200 people
Processing Capability Dry: 300 lbs/hr
Wet: 1500 lbs/hr
Cuts Per Minute 420,000
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years

5 Leaf Collectors

Power Requirement 380V 3-Phase 8Amp each
Horse Power 6 hp
Manufacturer's Warranty 2 years

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Warranty Information
CenturionPro purchases include a 10 year warranty.