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Memorial Day SALE | 15% off all Nugsmasher products | Price drops on trimmers and more | SHOP NOW
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Faven Lighting Under Canopy Lights

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Illuminate the area underneath your canopy with Faven Lighting Under Canopy Lights.

These are lights designed to sit beneath plant canopies where top lights can’t quite reach.

Faven’s under canopy lights are the best way to improve the yield and health of your plants with minimal increase to operational costs. Made to supplement overhead light installations, this under canopy light offers a low maintenance way to:

  • Increase flowering,
  • Give your plants more consistent growth and color,
  • Increase concentration of THC and some terpene compounds,
  • And decreases labor costs by eliminating the need for under clearing "lollipopping".

Faven provides a spectrum balancing feature for their under canopy lights, catering to different types of top lighting used in grow rooms or greenhouses. This allows for the supplementation of additional spectrums and wavelengths that may be lacking in current lighting setups, giving cultivators more control over the quality of their crops. Not only will adding Favens to your facility increase yield, but it also prioritizes improving product quality.

  • R6 lights (60% red) compliment HID top lights that are high in ROY
  • R8 lights (80% red) compliment full spectrum LED top lights.

Consistent Light Spread

The lenses on both types have a bubbled shape to diffuse light evenly and increase canopy penetration.

Dimming Capabilities

These lights are compatible with dimming controllers so you will have complete control over light intensity throughout the growth process. Flaven lights can dim down to 35 - 40% if their maximum intensity.

  • Waterproof and Able to Connect

Waterproof connectors with an IP66 rating allow you to connect up to 20 lights with extension cords (sold separately) for a large layout that will be perfectly safe with any irrigation system.


  • Compatible with Trolmaster and Vivosun dimming controllers
  • Can daisy chain up to 20 lights together
  • Come in either 60% red spectrum or 80% red spectrum


  • 120W Dimmable LED
  • 46” L X 2.9” W X 3.3” H
  • IP66 waterproof rating

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Warranty Information
Faven Lighting purchases include a 5 year warranty.

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