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NextLight Veg8 Full-Spectrum Vegetative LED Panel

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Get rid of that old 8 tube T5 fluorescent fixture. Stop paying those high energy costs. And stop paying for new bulbs every year, too.

The NextLight Veg8 LED grow light does everything the T5 fixture does, but better.

Designed to perfectly replace an 8 tube T5 unit, the Veg8 will save you $180/yr in energy costs and $160 in bulb changes. Not to mention the hassle of changing all those bulbs.

And it just looks cooler.

Quick Summary

    • Full-spectrum white light designed to replace 8 tube T5 fluorescent fixture
    • 1.94 PPF/w: most efficient T5 replacement LED on the market
    • consumes 190w; 8 tube T5 consumes 430w-450w (saves $180/yr)
    • 100,000 hour rated lifespan (15+ years of no bulb changes, saving $160/yr)
    • gives off minimal heat and runs silent
    • 2' by 4' footprint (same as an 8 tube T5)
    • Full 5 year warranty; designed and manufactured in the US
    • UL certified for damp and dry conditions


Energy Efficient Design Saves You Money

The NextLight Veg8 replaces an 8 tube T5 fluorescent fixture, but only consumes 190 watts and gives off minimal heat. By comparison, a typical 8 tube T5 fixture consumes 430 to 450 watts.

Switching to a Veg8 will save you about $15 per month in energy costs for each unit. That's $180 per year per unit and doesn't even factor in the cooling costs.

A rated lifespan of 100,000 hours means no bulb changes for over 15 years. This saves you an additional $160 per year over the T5 fixture.

Let's look at total cost savings.

T5 Costs Year One Years 2-15
Fixture Cost $255 $0
Energy consumption $180 more than Veg8 $180 more than Veg8
Bulb Changes $160 $160
Total Cost $595 $340


Veg8 Costs Year One Years 2-15
Fixture Cost $535.50 $0
Energy consumption $0 (since less than T5) $0
Bulb Changes $0 $0
Total Cost $535.50 $0


As you can see, a T5 fixture will cost you $595 the first year. The Veg8 will cost you $535.50. Every year after that, a T5 will cost you an additional $340 over the Veg8.

You make your money back within the first year and save $340 every year after!


Full-Spectrum White Light Tailored for Vegging or Cloning

NextLight Veg8 LED grow light spectrum

NextLight LEDs have a  full-spectrum white light that mimics the sun, making it exactly what your plants crave.

The Veg 8 spectrum is biased toward cooler (blue spectrum) white light, making it ideal for the vegetative and cloning stages of plant growth.


Faster And Stronger Growth Than 8 Tube T5 Fixture

The Veg8 has higher PAR ratings throughout the coverage area (2 by 4 feet) than any 8 tube T5 fluorescent fixture.

The following image shows the PAR footprint of the NextLight Veg8 LED grow light.

NextLight Veg8 LED grow light PAR footprint


No-Risk Purchase

The NextLight Veg8 is rated for 100,000 hours, so you won't need to replace the bulbs for over 15 years. That alone will save you around $160 per year over an 8 tube T5.

The fixture is designed and manufactured in the US and comes with a full 5 year warranty. It is UL certified for damp and dry conditions.

In fact, if something does go wrong with your new light, NextLight will get you a replacement fixture immediately, while they work on fixing yours. That way, you can go right on growing while your light is in the shop. And there is no charge.


The NextLight Veg8 LED grow light completely eliminates the need for 8 tube T5 fixtures. It's cheaper, more powerful, runs cooler and lasts longer.

It is better in every way.

This is the vegging light you've been waiting for, so jump back up to the top and click on 'Add to Cart' now.

Your plants (and your wallet) will thank you.

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Actual Wattage 190 watts
T5 Equivalent 430-450 watts (8 tube T5 fixture)
Operating Voltage 100-277 V/AC
Operating Frequency 60 Hz
Input Current 1.6A @ 120V, 0.8A @ 240V
Spectrum full spectrum white light tailored for vegetative growth
Coverage Area 2 by 4 feet
Operating Temperature -4ºF to 104ºF (-20ºC to 40ºC)
BTU Output 640
Dimensions 22 x 46 x 2.5 inches
Product Weight 10 lbs.
Life Span 100,000 hours @77ºF
UL Certification damp, dry
Recommended For cloning and vegging (T5 replacement)
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
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Warranty Information

The NextLight Veg8 LED grow light comes with a full 5 year manufacturer's warranty. If anything goes wrong with your new light, they will get you a replacement immediately, then they will work on repairing yours. You can continue your grow, while you wait for your light to be fixed. And its all free!

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