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Recommended Products For Hair Straightener Rosin Pressing

We used to just tell people to go to Walmart or some other local store and buy what they need. But we kept getting so many requests for specific product recommendations, especially for the actual hair straightener.

That's why we went ahead and created this little list. All the products are available online at, so you can do your shopping without leaving the house (the ONLY kind of shopping I like).

Note: if you accidentally stumbled on this page looking for instructions on using a hair straightener for rosin pressing, you can get our complete guide at the bottom of this page.


Hair Straightener

This Kipozi hair straightener is our choice, because it has wide plates, a digital temp readout and a wide temperature range that begins at 170 degrees F.


Parchment Paper

The Swedish-made Beyond Gourmet paper is our top choice, because it is inexpensive and unbleached. Those are really the only two requirements for parchment paper.


Oven Mitts

These Silicone oven mitts are a great choice, if you don't already have a pair.


Dab Tool

The Skilletools Glassy Classic Standard is a great choice. They also make an XL version, although that's not something you'd need if you're just pressing with a hair straightener. 


If you don't already have our complete guide to pressing rosin with a hair straightener, just enter your email below and we'll send you a copy free of charge.