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Black Dog LED Grow Lights

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    Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-3 24SP

    Black Dog LED

    Black Dog just bested their best in terms of power with the brand new PhytoMAX-3 series. The PhytoMAX-3 24S draws 1220 watts and delivers 2622 μm...

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Why Buy Black Dog LED Plant Lights

Black Dog produce the most powerful LED grow lights on the market. Their trademarked Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is perfectly designed for all growth cycles. They offer a 5 year warranty on their lights and will support you and your light(s) long after purchase.

Black Dog recently updated their entire line of lights. Their

new Phytomax-2 line in much more efficient, giving you more output at the same wattage draw. These are some of the only lights on the market that can outdo HPS lights for flowering and that deliver the same, or larger, coverage area.

One of our favorite things about Black Dog is that they label their lights accurately The Phytomax-2 1000 actually uses 1000 watts, the PM-2 800 uses 800 watts, and so on. Other brands would have called the 1000 a "1600" and the 800 a "1200".

We find this honesty refreshing, especially, since we often hear from customer who say Black Dog lights are overpriced, because they are confused by the labeling and end up comparing the PM-2 1000 to other brands' 1000 lights (which actually only draw 600-700 watts).

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