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We ONLY Charge Sales Tax in New Jersey | FREE SHIPPING On Continental US Orders Over $175!*
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MyPress Gen2 Portable Manual Heat Press

by MyPress
Original price $449.00 - Original price $479.00
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$449.00 - $479.00
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"No more sore shoulders and wrists or burnt fingers from pressing with a hair straightener."

The MyPress Gen 2 is a portable, lightweight and personal rosin press designed from scratch in Colorado. The custom 3×3 stainless steel Axiom plates deliver even heat across the plates.

MyPress has an easy to read, operator-friendly LCD interface with a simple button layout. Easily set and apply heat to the stainless steel Axiom Plates with temperatures ranging from 100° to 250° Fahrenheit (37°C – 121°C).

MyPress Gen 2. features a count-up timer, which halts counting when opened and resets from zero when closed again, allowing the operator to efficiently monitor the process, and fine-tune adjustments to realize the best yield or finest flavors.

This proprietary functionality allows the operator to record and track the best starting material-specific results for later repetition. While the quality of starting material directly influences the end result, MyPress will maximize your material’s potential.

MyPress is easy to use, requiring only a gentle application of human force to close and lock the plates. MyPress is capable of industry-specific standards when utilizing quality starting materials.

MyPress Gen2 Rosin Press Features

  • NO Solvents Needed: no unhealthy byproducts in your rosin
  • Compact, Lightweight & Portable: fits on a kitchen counter or in a backpackpress anywhere you want, as long as there's an outlet
  • Easy-to-Use: no complicated settings, the MyPress takes care of everything
  • 6 Tons of Pressure: more than any other similarly sized press
  • Adjustable Temperature Control & Plates: maximize output for any type of input material
  • Front Facing Timer: easy to see during operation
  • Produces Industry-Standard Yields: despite the small size, get the same results as other presses
  • Lifetime Warranty: lifetime factory warranty against manufacturer defects


Pressure: 6 tons
Temp range: 100°F – 250°F (37°C – 121°C)
Temp increments of 10°F (~5.5°C)
Digital counter: 0 - 9999 seconds
Heating & cooling indicator: LED display
Voltage: 110v
Power: 1A/120W
Plate size: 3.07" x 3.07"
Axiom Plate Material: Stainless Steel
Frame Material: Hot-Rolled Steel
Weight: 12.9 lbs
Dimensions: height – 11.5", depth – 10.5", width – 8.5"

MyPress Solventless Rosin Deluxe Package

Select 'Deluxe Package' above for the combo deal which includes all of the following for only $30 more:

  • 1x MyPress Gen 2 rosin press with lifetime warranty
  • 1x Stainless Steel Pollen Pre-Press
  • 1x Silicone Mat, Oil Drop Set
  • 10x 25 Micron Rosin Bags
  • 5x Pieces of pre-cut parchment paper

Product manual is included. You can also find a digital copy here.

Weight 12.9 lbs
Dimensions 11.5” (H), 10.5” (D), 8.5” (W)
Plate Size 3.07" x 3.07"
Plate Material Stainless Steel
Temp Control Digital
Pressure 6 tons
Pressure Control Manual
Voltage 110 volts
Wattage 120 watts
Current 1 amp
Manufacturer's Warranty Lifetime