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iPower 600 Watt HPS and MH XXL Air Cooled Tube Hood Reflector Grow Light Kit

by iPower
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This kit by iPower includes everything you need to start growing: an XXL 8-inch cool tube hood reflector, a 600 watt ballast, an HPS bulb, an MH bulb, a timer and ratchet hangers.

Cool tube hood reflectors are very versatile. You can use just the 8-inch tube or you can add the huge XXL reflector wings to focus the light in one direction. This hood gives you an enormous 6 by 6 foot coverage area.

This XXL hood reflector is not as focused as cool hood reflectors (i.e. doesn't get quite the same canopy penetration), but it has a much larger coverage area. If you want the light to be a bit more focused and don't need quite as large a coverage area, the smaller XL hood version is a nice middle ground.

Features of the 600w XXL Cool Tube Hood Reflector HPS and MH Kit by iPower

  • Large 36" x 32" span: gives you a humongous 6 by 6 foot coverage area
  • Removable reflector (internal and external) for tube: use just the tube when putting light in the middle of plants or add the huge XXL reflector wings when you need the light to go in one direction
  • Ballast can run at 50%, 75% or 100%: save money when full power isn't needed
  • Input 110-240 Volts (AC): works with any power supply
  • HPS bulb has 2100 K color temp: perfect for flowering
  • MH bulb has 6000 K color temp: perfect for cloning/vegging
  • Open and Short Circuit Protection: prevents damage to components or fire
  • Ignition Failure Protection: prevents damage to bulbs
  • End-of-Bulb-Life Protection: prevents lamp fire or explosion as bulb filament becomes weak
  • Longer bulb lifespan than competitors: HPS bulb = 24,000 hours; MH bulb = 15,000
  • Super HPS bulb has higher output: 85,000 lumen
  • MH bulb output: 55,000 lumen
  • Longer cord than most competitors: 15 feet
  • Adjustable ratchet clip hangers: hold up to 150 lbs and have max length of 6 feet

Kit Includes

  • 600 watt dimmable digital electronic ballast
  • Super HPS bulb
  • MH bulb
  • 8-inch cool tube hood reflector with XXL wings
  • Adjustable ratchet clip hangers
  • 24-Hour timer
  • Standard hydroponic S-plug
  • Heavy duty power cord
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty on ballast; one year on bulbs and reflector

HPS Bulb

Power 600 watts
Color Temperature 2,100 K
Spectrum yellow-orange-red spectrum light
Expected Life Span 24,000 hours
Output 85,000 lumen
Grow Cycle best for flowering cycle
Warranty 1 year

MH Bulb

Power 600 watts (high efficiency)
Color Temperature 6000 K
Spectrum blue spectrum light
Expected Life Span 15,000 hours
Output 55,000 lumen
Grow Cycle best for vegetative cycle
Warranty 1 year


Power 600 watts
Type of Bulb HPS and MH

Specified Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Voltage Range 110 - 240 V (AC)
Safety Features open circuit protection, short-circuit protection, ignition failure protection, end-of-bulb-life protection
Included in Box ballast, 110/120 V power cord (15 ft)
Manufacturer's Warranty Two year warranty

XXL Cool Tube Hood Reflector

Power 400, 600 or 1000 watts
Type of Bulb HPS and MH, single ended

Max Coverage 6 by 6 feet

Weight 16.4 lbs
Dimensions 36 by 32 by 10 inches

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Warranty Information
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