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Advanced LED Lights XTE 100

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The XTE Series 100 from Advanced LED Lights is about equivalent to a 150 watt HID system, but only uses 80 watts of power. It features high-output 5 watt CREE XT-E LEDs running at 3.9 watts each (2 times higher than other 5w LEDs) and 3 watt OSRAM SSL 660 nm LEDs. 


Features of the Advanced LED XTE 100 LED Grow Light

  • Premium 5w and 3w LEDs from CREE and OSRAM - 79% Higher PAR than other 5w grow lights
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee - no risk purchase
  • XTE Optics - using the Diamond Series Optic built-in reflector to throw even more light at your plants.
  • 100% Hassle-Free Warranty for a Full 3 Years
  • ColdFlo Heat Dissipation Technology - cools these powerful 5w LEDs like no other system can to eliminate the need for A/C in most grow spaces and save a ton on operating costs
  • Upgraded Color Select Controls - you now have 100% control of seasons, spectra and intensity so you can give your plants exactly the light they need, when they need it


Comparison of XTE Series to Other Lights

  • 113% Higher PAR/Watt than a 600w HPS (XTE-200: 14.71 vs. 600w HPS: 6.90)
  • 79% Higher PAR/Watt than competing 5w LED grow lights. (XTE-200: 14.71 vs. 5w Competitor: 8.10)
  • 36% Higher PAR/Watt than the California Lightworks 220.  (XTE-200: 14.71 vs. Solarflare 220: 11.02)
  • 28% Higher PAR/Watt than the Kind L600.  (XTE-200:  14.71 vs. Kind L600: 11.47)
  • PAR/Watt compared to HPS and Metal Halide grow lights

    • Advanced LED XTE 400: 16.85 @ 18" – 14.46 @ 36" – 12.31 @ 48" 
    • 400w Metal Halide: 4.90 @18" – 3.68 @ 36" – 3.21 @ 48"
    • 400w HPS Light: 8.68 @18" – 5.26 @ 36" – 4.16 @ 48"


Advanced LED XTE Series Spectrum

Advanced LED Lights XTE Series Spectrum


The Advanced LED XTE 100 LED grow light gives you a 2 by 2.5 foot core coverage area (2.5 by 3 total coverage) and replaces 150 watts of HPS, Metal-Halide or fluorescent light. And it does so while only using 80 watts of power and creating much less heat.

Plus there are no bulbs to replace, meaning no maintenance costs and no harmful mercury released into the environment (HID bulbs contain mercury). The unit ships with a 6 foot US standard 110 volt power cord. 220 volt cords are available upon request.

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Actual Wattage 80 watts
HID Equivalent 150 watts
LED Type 5 watt CREE XT-E and 3 watt OSRAM SSL 660 nm
Input Voltage 110 to 277 volts AC
Spectrum full spectrum
Coverage Area 2 by 2.5 feet core coverage; 2.5 by 3 feet total coverage
Thermal Management ColdFlo heat dissipation technology
Dimensions 18.5 x 5 x 3 inches
Weight 9 pounds
Package Includes fixture, 110V power cord
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 years
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Warranty Information

Advanced LED Lights come with a full 3-year manufacturer's warranty and a 90-day money back guarantee. Return any Advance LED light within 90 days in “as new” condition and original packaging and they will issue a full refund of your purchase price.

90 Day Risk-Free Trial Policies

Damaged, broken or altered lights will void this offer and not be accepted. Only “as new” products with all accessories and in original packaging will be accepted for a full refund. Large orders exceeding $1,500.00 or combinations of orders exceeding $1,500.00 in aggregate or any non-stock products will be charged a twenty percent restocking fee.

The following products are considered stock items: DS100, DS200, DS300, DS400, XML150, XML350, DS XTE 100, DS XTE 200, DS XTE 300, DS XTE 400. All other Advanced LED products are considered non-stock items and are not offered as part of the 90 Day Risk Free Trial.

Large orders exceeding $5,000.00 or combinations of orders exceeding $5,000.00 in aggregate do not fall under the 90 Day Risk Free Trial.

The customer is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping to return any light for refund or return for repair, if the customer does not have the original packaging. Damages occurring in return shipping are not the responsibility of Advanced LED or Grow Light Central. Please be sure to insure the package!

To return a light, you must first obtain a return authorization number. To request one, please contact us at

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