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Finally A Grow Light Store That Has Your Back!

Afraid of wasting your hard-earned money on a light that doesn't work?

I understand. Most lights sold online can't grow a blade of grass.

You won't find those lights here. Only high-quality American brands that thousands of professional growers trust to boost yields and profits.

All our brands test their lights extensively. On the off-chance you get one that doesn't work perfectly, you're completely covered. All lights come with at least 30 day return policies and up to 5 year warranties.

You also get free buyer's insurance. Seriously, it's on us!

It guarantees you a refund of up to $500, if you find a lower price elsewhere after purchase. It also covers you against any shipping problems, identity theft and terms of service breaches.

Rest assured, your new light WILL make your plants happy. And to thank you, they WILL reward you with bigger harvests of such high quality you'll brag about it.

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