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Vivosun 400 Watt HPS and MH Wing Reflector Kit

by Vivosun
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The Vivosun Hydroponic 400 watt HPS and MH wing reflector kit is a complete lighting system that includes every component you need to light your plants through all grow cycles. Even better, it gives you high quality components at an astonishingly low cost.

Included In Package

  • Wing reflector
  • 400 watt digital ballast
  • 400 watt HPS bulb
  • 400 watt metal halide bulb
  • 7-day digital timer
  • 1/8" rope hanger (1 Pair)

Features of the Vivosun 400 watt Wing Reflector HPS and MH Kit

Following are the features of each component included in this HID grow light kit.

400 Watt Ballast

  • Runs on 120 to 240V: use it with almost any power supply
  • Dimmable: run it at 400w, 250w or 150w
  • Super lumen feature: boost the output to 440w for times when your plants need a bit of extra light
  • Overheating protection: reduces risk of fire
  • End-of-bulb-life protection: prevents bursting from too much power to weak bulb
  • Short-circuit protection: prevents power surge in the event of short circuit
  • Ignition-failure protection: protects bulb in case of failed ignition
  • UL Listed: ensures high-quality components
  • 3-year warranty: if anything ever goes wrong, you're covered for 3 years
  • Includes cord: comes with 8 foot 120V power cord

Wing Reflector

  • Highly reflective aluminum: over 90% reflective means little light wasted
  • Flecked surface: ensures no hot spots that could burn plants
  • Large surface: 14" x 19" x 6" size gives you a 3 x 3 foot coverage area (with 400w bulb)
  • Rounded corners: if you've ever cut yourself on the sharp edges of a reflector, you'll love this feature
  • Light weight: weighs so little, you can hang it from almost anything

400 Watt HPS Lamp

  • 55,000 lumens: more powerful than most 400w HPS bulbs
  • 2100K color temperature: ideal for the flowering and fruiting stage of growth
  • Long lifespan: lasts for 24,000 hours
  • Extremely low lumen depreciation: retains 90% of initial lumen output after 5000 hours of operation
  • Short startup time: achieves full brightness in 2 to 3 minutes

400 Watt MH Lamp

  • 36,000 lumens: more powerful than most 400w metal halide bulbs
  • 4200K color temperature: ideal for the vegetative growth stage

Digital Timer

  • Up to 8 on/off program settings: store up to 8 different program settings for any conceivable situation
  • Independent settings: you get full control with independent settings for minutes, hours, days, and more
  • Dual outlets: plug in two units
  • Bright LCD display: easily read settings
  • Auto backup: settings are automatically backed up in case of power failure
  • Max load: 1725 watts

Rope Hanger

  • 8ft solid braided polypropylene rope: extremely strong
  • Internal Gears: made from ultra-strength zinc plated steel and metal for complete stability and smooth adjustment
  • 4 auto-locking carabiner clips: easy to clip and unclip and impossible to come loose accidentally
  • High weight capacity: up to 150 lbs per pair

Click on 'Add to Cart' and get your Vivosun Hydroponic 400 watt HPS and metal halide wing reflector system today and make your plants happy!

HPS Bulb

Power 400 watts
Lifespan 24,000 hours
Color Temperature 2,100 K
Spectrum yellow-orange-red spectrum light
Output 55,000 lumen
Grow Cycle best for flowering cycle

MH Bulb

Power 400 watts
Color Temperature 4200 K
Spectrum blue spectrum light
Output 36,000 lumen
Grow Cycle best for vegetative cycle


Power 400 watts
Type of Bulb HPS and MH

Specified Frequency 50/60Hz
Working Voltage Range 110 - 240 V (AC)
Manufacturer's Warranty 3 year warranty

Wing Reflector

Power 400, 600 or 1000 watts
Type of Bulb HPS and MH, single ended

Dimensions 14 by 19 by 6 inches

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Warranty Information
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